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Help take action on hazardous PFAS 'forever chemicals'!
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You can make Maryland safer from hazardous pesticides.

Pesticides are even more dangerous than we knew. Now we know they may contain PFAS.

PFAS are class of hazardous toxic chemicals that do not break down in the environment and accumulate in our drinking water, soils, and eventually, bodies. New research has found PFAS at extremely high levels in common pesticides that are used in agriculture, and the PFAS from these pesticides is also contaminating the food grown in these pesticide-treated fields. 

A bill before this session of the Maryland General Assembly, Pesticide Registration - PFAS Testing - Requirements Bill will fix this. It will require all manufacturers of mosquito control products in the state provide annual independent lab testing and certification to prove the pesticide product is PFAS-free, beginning January 1, 2024. Then by January 1, 2026, manufacturers of all pesticides must provide this same test.

Help protect Maryland from unnecessary  toxic exposure!

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