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Md. Dept. of Agriculture is working to kill the chlorpyrifos ban, we need help
Take action – Tell your legislators to pass a permanent ban on chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos is a toxic, nerve agent pesticide found to damage children's brain development, contaminate waterways and injure wildlife, including honeybees. It is widely applied in the production of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other conventionally grown crops. Public support for SB 300 and HB 229, which would ban chlorpyrifos, is very strong and a majority of Maryland legislators support the ban.

But the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) is trying to kill the bills by proposing weak regulations that lobbyists for the agrochemical industry would help them draft! This is a clear attempt to undermine the legislative ban. A proposed MDA regulation will provide no guarantee of a viable long-term ban and allows for the continuation of life-long damaging impacts for Maryland's children. 

Plus, agrochemical industry opponents are also trying to kill the bill by attaching weakening amendments.

Please help protect our babies, brains, bees and Bay by sending this message to your legislators: Vote to support a permanent ban with no weakening amendments and pass SB 300 / HB 229.

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