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Sign on! Urge your legislators to support Maryland's ban on the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos
Take action to ban chlorpyrifos

Chlorpyrifos is a toxic, nerve agent pesticide found to damage children's brain development, contaminate waterways and injure wildlife, including honeybees. This type of pesticide is widely applied in the production of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other conventionally grown crops, including many kid favorites like apples, peaches, grapes, and strawberries. This makes children especially vulnerable to this pesticide.

A 20-year risk assessment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found it damages children's' brains causing neurobehavioral and cognitive deficits, developmental delays, learning disabilities, pediatric cancers, asthma and is linked to autism. EPA concluded that all uses of chlorpyrifos result in unsafe levels of exposure and ruled to ban it. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration reversed that decision, putting Marylanders' health and environment at great risk.

Highly toxic to honeybees. Chlorpyrifos is 2nd only to neonicotinoids as the most harmful pesticide to bees. It is the 3rd most prevalent pesticide found in hives and causes colony threatening brain damage to honeybees, even at very low concentrations.

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Please join us February 10th in Annapolis for Lobby Night to Ban Chlorpyrifos at 4:45 pm-8 pm. Information here: tinyurl.com/lobbynight2020
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