March 8, 2022

URGENT NEWS! Currently, in the Maryland General Assembly, Smart on Pesticides Coalition, and Marylanders are working to ensure that mosquito spraying in our communities are not contaminated by the toxic "forever chemical" PFAS. Limited testing found three of the products allowed for use in Maryland communities were found to contain PFAS earlier this year. HB570, the PFAS-free mosquito control products bill, will ensure Maryland communities, our children, bees, wildlife and environment are not being sprayed inadvertently or unknowingly with PFAS. 

We need your help to pass HB 570 for PFAS-free mosquito control pesticides--click to send a quick email to your legislator now.

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Make your voice heard! Support HB570 to stop PFAS contamination in mosquito control products! PFAS, a dangerous class of chemicals, were found in three products used in Maryland for mosquito control. PFAS are linked to cancer & other long-term health impacts! Take Action
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Pesticide exposure disrupts bee gut microbiome leading to a range of impacts that affect fitness in the wild, finds a recent major literature review. Social bees have gut microbiota that contribute to their health, just like humans do. Read more
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