April 5, 2022

While the world is in a worrisome tumultuous state, we are also surrounded by the seasonal rebirth of spring. Many of us are finding ways to actively support the people of Ukraine, along with prayers for/envisioning/meditating on an end to bloodshed and destruction and the birth of sustainable peace and democracy for Ukrainians.  

We also need to be resilient to address whatever repercussions we may experience here in our country. Resilience can mean focusing on sustained health for our families and our communities. This month's newsletter covers news to be aware of, so we can take personal health-protective actions and, when appropriate, make our voices heard. 

And it's almost time for serious planting! Organic seeds become the healthiest organic herbs and produce when planted in your organic garden. Check out a few of the companies below that sell organic seeds. Enjoy the beautiful rebirth of Spring!

Vote With Your Wallet, Vote With Your Fork! GO Organic! Where to shop and how to go organic in all you do--even on a budget! Learn how

MOM's Organic Market is partnering with Mders For Food & Farm Worker Protection Coalition to donate 1,000 hand sanitizers to migrant food and farm workers.

5% Watershed Cleanup Donation Day - On April 6th, MOM's is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Clean Water Act by giving 5% of sales to local Waterkeepers. Learn more about the campaign and find your local Waterkeeper here. 

A new report finds high levels of glyphosate (RoundUp) contamination in foods sold by top grocers, Whole Foods, Amazon, Walmart and Target. Besides wheat, oats and barley, glyphosate is regularly sprayed on more than 70 crops. Read how to avoid these foods and buy safer alternatives. 
Check out the Glyphosate Residue Free certification for U.S. food ingredients and products, launched by The Detox Project, in a move that gives consumers a way of avoiding the 'probably carcinogenic' chemical.  Read more
Planning for your organic garden? Its time to order your organic seeds!
Check out these mail order organic seed suppliers: 
Seeds of Change
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Annie's Heirloom Seeds
Seed Savers Exchange
The Sustainable Seed Company
Burpee Organics
GrowOrganic.com / Peaceful Valley Farm
The Organic Gardening Catalog
Rodale Organic Life's Top Picks for Organic Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds

Access more information on organic growing at GoOrganicNow.org 

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  NEWS and VIEWS  
A first-in-the-country! Our SaferDisinfectants.org website provides critical information on safer pesticide-registered disinfectants. Many disinfectants pose increased risk to respiratory and immune systems. You can make sure you/your family, your children's school/daycare and your workplace are using a safer products for COVID-19 variants. Explore!
And more news about glyphosate....
Our friends at Environmental Health News report on a new blockbuster scientific study, "Glyphosate & Roundup - all roads lead to cancer" Read more
Could the US Supreme Court throw out the massive damage verdicts against Monsanto-Bayer for its toxic, cancer-causing pesticide glyphosate? Read more
More on the ongoing problem of EPA's oversight of chemicals and pesticides
3 EPA officials have been identified in documents, showing that they played a significant role in pressuring scientists to dismiss the risks EPA is assessing on chemical hazards, according to whistle-blowers. Read more
 And a hopeful positive step for EPA...
Under a new approach which now considers endangered species, the Biden EPA recently banned certain pesticides in more than 100 U.S. counties. Read nore

MOM's Annual "Save The Dandelions" campaign helps to raise awareness on the effects that toxic lawn chemicals have on our environment, wildlife, pollinators, and health. Read more 

MOM's Annual Sustainability Report is live now!

EPA to allow continued use of 4 of the most toxic pollinator-harming chemicals for the next 15 years. These neonicotinoid pesticides have caused widespread insect declines. EPA is bending to pressure from farming groups and pesticide manufacturers to perpetuate their use. Read more

Maryland led the nation by banning sales and use of neonicotinoids in consumer garden products - but this ruling will increase devastating pollinator losses.

Many species of pollinators can flourish in the seemingly inhospitable environment of towns and cities. New guidelines, which include avoiding pesticide use, support the creation of pollinator-friendly habitats. Read more
  LET'S GET SERIOUS ABOUT SOIL, food security & climate change--yes they're related!  
What is the future of organic? In the era of climate change, organic agriculture is about to win or lose big. Read more
In authentic organic systems, soil is the headliner. Cover crops, compost, and minerals interact with carbon and water cycles, enriching organic matter and biodiversity. Organic agriculture has always been premised on the health of the soil. Read more
While the hype around regenerative is nearing a fever pitch - and the need for solutions to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss is more pressing than ever - the science, particularly on its carbon storing potential, has been slow to unfold. Read more
Two new books argue that personal action, no matter how small, is vital to reducing global greenhouse gases. "According to one estimate, unless dietary patterns change, diets higher in meats, refined sugars, fats and oils, could contribute to an 80% increase in agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and global land clearing by 2050." 
- Jessica Fanzo, "Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?". Read More
"The Insect Crisis, The Fall of the Tiny Empires that Run the World" by Oliver Milman
"The need to protect insect species might be more urgent than climate change, and right now, whole ecosystems hang by a delicate thread of symbiotic relationships between insects, plants and animals. If insects are taken out of this delicate equation, entire ecosystems can collapse, affecting millions and millions of people, impacting whole economies, and potentially leading to malnutrition and starvation. It's that serious!" - Jay Falstad, Queen Anne's County, Md  Read More

Please help support our work to protect our babies, bees, and the Bay!