September 8, 2022

September is a bit longer of a read, due to an unusual amount of important pesticide news. We share an OpEd published last week in Maryland Matters, written on behalf of 111 org and businesses of the Smart on Pesticides Coalition, addressing decades of the Md Dept. of Agriculture's (MDA) efforts to undermine Maryland pesticide laws, passed to protect our babies, bees and the Bay.  

A companion story to this OpEd is an article published by the national organization, US Right to Know that spotlights MDA's efforts to block the 2016 Pollinator Protection Act in collaboration with the agro-chemical industry

And while MDA is spraying mosquito control products in 2,100 communities in our state, using pesticides with dangerous health impacts which may also be contaminated with PFAS, compare that with a FaceBook post from the Md Dept of the Environment) advocating pesticide-free mosquito controls -- the Dept. of the Environment is actually tasked with protecting the health of people and our environment from toxics -- how refreshing!

And there's lots more important news and actions you can take, below!


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  NEWS and VIEWS  
 Glyphosate/RoundUp news...
An overwhelming majority of Marylanders -- 85% -- want the government to crack down on toxic PFAS, especially in pesticides like Maryland's mosquito control products! Learn more
Nine months after issuing a roadmap for limiting PFAS contamination, EPA has missed significant deadlines. PFAS compounds can persist in human bodies and in the environment for decades. Learn more
And in other news...
Countries are banning the toxic pesticide atrazine, but the US just keeps spraying. Until EPA untethers itself from the pesticide industry agenda, we can never trust that it is following the science and protecting people and wildlife from the most dangerous poisons. Learn more
Members of the US Senate are calling on the US Fish & Wildlife Service to phase out use of toxic pesticides in National Wildlife Refuges, in order to protect declining wildlife species and the country's unique natural resources. Learn more
More than 50% of thousands of domestic and imported foods tested by the Food & Drug Administration had levels of at least one pesticide, according to results the agency just released. Learn more
Modern Farmer details the fight against -- and for -- milkweed and the endangered Monarch Butterfly in agriculture and conservation.  Learn more 
Agro-chem giant Bayer helped fund a study by university academics, then pressured them to omit photos that implicated a defective pesticide-treated seed product as a threat to bees, according to communications obtained by U.S. Right to Know. Learn more
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Workers in the food system: Sustainable food must be produced in a way that takes not only the environment and consumers into account, but also the people who grow, harvest and process our food. Learn more
"The Playbook for Poisoning the Earth" is a superb step-by-step analysis of how the pesticide industry successfully pushed disinformation and outright lies about bee killing neonic pesticides. Learn More

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