January 6, 2023

Here's wishing a better year in 2023 for all of us! We are very grateful to you, our newsletter community, who share the desire and the will to lessen the pesticide load for our babies, bees and Bay by taking needed actions in your daily lives.

In less than a week, lawmakers will convene the Maryland General Assembly. One crucial pesticide bill we're actively supporting addresses the horrifying discovery of PFAS 'forever chemicals' found at shockingly high levels in pesticides in our state. The bill requires testing of pesticides to prove they are PFAS-free before they can be sold or used in Maryland. As a lead scientist on this issue recently stated, "If the intent was to spread PFAS contamination across the globe, there would be few more effective methods than lacing pesticides with PFAS." We will keep you posted on the bill's progress so that you can assist the bill's passage by urging your legislators to support passage of this bill.

Here are two (free) legislative events you can attend virtually to learn about important environmental bills in this session of the Maryland General Assembly:

Jan. 7 & 8, Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm - Eastern Shore Environmental Legislative Conference. Our bill requiring testing to ensure PFAS-free pesticides will be presented Sun., 3:55-4:05 pm. Learn more and register  

Jan. 31, Tues. 6-7 pm - 2023 Environmental Legislative Summit. Hosted by the environmental community for legislators and the public – attending is an important way to show legislators your support for key environmental legislation addressing climate change. Learn more and register

Our results are largely made possible by this community -- it is a grassroots effort! Please continue to assist us by making a donation to help fund this work. 

Help us eliminate PFAS in pesticides in Maryland! Every dollar you donate will be doubled by a funder.  Thank you!

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Please help support our work to protect our babies, bees, and the Bay!