Michigan BAD BILLS Alert!

We have several bad bills introduced.  What is nefarious about these particular bills?  They echo the language of the WHO treaty.  They align with the goals of the WHO in providing more data access to "public-private" entities, while making opting out more difficult.


SB0875 revises the public health code:

  • Adds 12th grade as a check point year 
    • This additional burdensome step is just to collect more data  and increase meningococcal vaccination uptake on students prior to college.
    • Cost constituents additional tax dollars to provide "educational services"
    • It may lead to more "adults <IE students above 18> being added to MCIR
  • Adds the push for HHS to promulgate rules to adhere to the ACIP recommendations
  • Allows unmitigated promulgation of rules to add future vaccines based on ACIP recommendations, bypassing the legislative process.


SB0876 revises the School Aid Act

  • Adds 12th grade checkpoint for all reporting tied to funding


SB0877 revises the Revised School Code

  • Adds a 12th grade year as a check point


 HOUSE BILL NO. 5283 revises the Public Health Code

  • Would amend Part 25 (Health Information Technology) of the Public Health Code, which created the Health Information Technology Commission in DHHS to facilitate and promote the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of an interoperable health care information system in Michigan. The bill would change the name of this system to the health data utility and would require the commission to designate a health information exchange to operate the health data utility for the state.
  • MiHIN collaborates with MCIR to send vaccination information electronically. This helps ensure accurate and up-to-date immunization records for patients across the state
    • (c) "Health data utility" means a system that is operated by the health information exchange and that does all of the following:
      (i) Facilitates the exchange of clinical and other health data.
      (ii) Creates a unified health record for health care patients.
      (iii) Allows for the exchange of information using multiple modalities, including, but not limited to, query searches and push notifications.
      (iv) Increases connections between health care entities, including, but not limited to, school-based health centers, social care services, and health facilities or agencies located in a correctional institution.
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