Vaccine Voter Guide

The Vaccine Voter Guide has been prepared to educate Michigan voters on candidates' views regarding vaccine choice and to encourage voter participation. 

To create this Voter Guide, MVC submitted educational literature and a questionnaire to state and federal candidates (House of Representatives and Senate), and compiled candidate responses.

Download the voter guide here.

Find out what candidates will be on your ballot here

Voter Guide Policy

  • Candidate replies are printed without editing or verification.

  • References to opponents or specific persons are not allowed.

  • In place of an inappropriate response, the guide will state, “Candidates response did not meet the criteria listed in this Voter Guide.”

  • Candidates are listed in order of the district the office will represent.

  • This Voter Guide is organized by office.

  • The names of unopposed candidates are also listed.

  • Questionnaires were sent to all candidates running for US Senate and House of Representatives and State House of Representatives.

  • All questionnaires were identical, regardless of candidate office.

  • Questionnaires were not sent to Presidential campaigns, Judicial candidates, candidates for Local offices (County, City, Township, or Village), or candidates for School Districts.

  • Candidates who did not respond to the questionnaire by the print deadline are listed with the notation, “CANDIDATE DID NOT RESPOND TO QUESTIONNAIRE”.

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