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Contact Your Member of Congress Today to Support Scaffold Law Reform
Seeing little action in Albany on the issue, Congressman Chris Jacob's has taken the initiative and has introduced the "Infrastructure Expansion Act" (H.R. 8222). The Infrastructure Expansion Act that Rep. Jacobs has introduced imposes a comparative negligence liability standard, pre-empting the Scaffold Law on all projects receiving federal funding. Under Jacobs’s legislation, gravity related accidents would be investigated to determine blame in the cause of the injury, meaning businesses would no longer be forced to carry excessive insurance plans, and taxpayers are safe guarded against wasteful spending.

New York taxpayers are currently wasting hundreds of millions of dollars each year because of the Scaffold Law's expensive liability rules. This not only diminishes our ability engage in new construction but also curtails resources to maintain schools, bridges, parks, and rebuild aging infrastructure.

Congressman Jacob's proposal would put an end to that waste by applying the federal liability standard for construction projects that receive any funding from the federal government. His bill is an important first step in promoting safer worksites, reducing the liability burden on independent contractors, and making sure already scarce infrastructure dollars go further. Tell your local Member of Congress to co-sponsor and support H.R. 8222 today. 
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