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Help Exempt Motorcycles from NYC Congestion Tolling!
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Riders Against Congestion and the American Motorcyclist Association need your help! We believe motorcyclists should be exempt from any proposed congestion tolling in New York City. 

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has released its Central Business District Tolling Program, and it’s time for us to act. There will be a series of 10 regional public hearings and the MTA must hear from motorcyclists ASAP! 

The Traffic Mobility Review Board, controlled by the MTA, will soon set toll rates and decide who, if any, will be exempt from congestion-based tolling. This is a crucial moment for us to advocate for a 100% exemption from congestion pricing for our fuel efficient, congestion reducing vehicles. Our goal will be to have as many motorcyclists as we can muster speaking at every single hearing. 

Sign-up to participate in public meetings here!

These hearings will be virtual, via Zoom, which will mean easy access for all. If you’re unable to speak at a hearing, you can submit written comments on the MTA website.  

You'll receive a confirmation via email once you register to speak at a hearing. While each hearing is each geared towards affected regions, you can participate in any hearing that fits your schedule. In an effort to ensure we have motorcyclists participating at every virtual meeting, please send an e-mail to grassroots@ama-cycle.org to let us know what meeting you are slated to participate in.

Speak from your heart and your personal experiences but, above all, please be polite and respectful. Here's a brief synopsis of key talking points:

  • Our vehicles demonstrably reduce traffic congestion.
  • Motorcycles are impressively fuel efficient.
  • Our vehicles are lightweight, which reduces wear on roads and infrastructure.
  • Two-wheeled vehicles take up a small fraction of the space of an auto when parked.
  • Virtually every municipality around the world where Congestion Pricing has been imposed has exempted motorcycles from congestion pricing charges.

Now is the time for all motorcyclists to act! No one else can do this for us. NYC will be the first in the US to implement Congestion Pricing. City planners around the country are watching closely as they prepare their own congestion mitigation strategies. Let’s make sure we get this right the first time.

Riders Against Congestion and the AMA will be happy to provide more detailed information, links to supportive studies and any other supporting information to help you make your point. And please remember to let us know if you've signed up to speak at a hearing. 

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