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The Tennessee Promise is Governor Haslam's proposal to provide Tennessee high school graduates an opportunity to attend Tennessee community college tuition-free. The proposal is one of the key strategies designed to help achieve the "Drive to 55" goal of 55 percent of... [+] more
Tennessee is one of the most desirable destinations for business in the country.  In just the last few weeks, three companies announced they will relocate all or part of their operation to Tennessee, resulting in nearly 1,400 new jobs and an investment of more than $73... [+] more
For years Tennessee consistently ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in academic performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). In 2007, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Tennessee an "F" for "Truth in Advertising" calling out the state for... [+] more
Nashville's Bus Rapid Transit project, The Amp, is the first leg of a new regional mass transit system that will help Middle Tennessee accommodate the growth of more than 1 million new residents projected over the next twenty years. The Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning... [+] more
On April 8, the Senate passed SB 2424 by a 25-2 vote. SB 2424 enacts "The Open Carry Firearms Freedom Act of 2014" and authorizes Tennesseans to openly carry a handgun without any requirement that individuals possess a state-issued handgun carry permit. Although businesses... [+] more
Annexation is the legislative action by which a municipality incorporates additional land into its city limits. The ability for cities to incorporate additional territory helps them attract businesses and jobs and grow their economics. Legislation has been introduced in the... [+] more
In Tennessee, whether or not a student is granted in-state tuition is determined based on his or her parents' residency.  This means students who are U.S. citizens and who graduate from Tennessee high schools are charged out-of-state tuition by our state's public... [+] more
Charter schools are public schools governed and operated independently of the local school system, with flexibility around areas such as instructional hours, staffing and curriculum These schools have a contract, or charter, with their local school board to operate inside... [+] more
Allowing market forces to determine pay rates above federal requirements will help ensure consistency in employee wage and benefit regulations across all jurisdictions, not just in Tennessee but throughout the Southeast, leading to a more predictable and favorable... [+] more
On Wednesday, March 27, Governor Haslam announced Tennessee would not be moving to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in 2013. The Governor instead proposed a "Tennessee Plan" which would: use federal dollars to purchase private health insurance for those who... [+] more