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The Revenue Modernization Act (SB 603 by Sen. Norris/HB 644 by Rep. McCormick), proposed by the Haslam Administration, makes various revisions to the state's tax laws. The bill also changes the definition of "nexus," requiring some out-of-state businesses with substantial... [+] more
Benefit corporations are a new type of for-profit entity that gives businesses the option of incorporating to pursue a social cause, in addition to the traditional focus on investor return. Benefit corporations are treated the same as other for-profit entities for tax... [+] more
Davidson County residents living in poverty are less likely to have the education they need to obtain a job in the region and, as a result, are less likely to be employed. When they do obtain employment, they are more likely to have a job that does not guarantee access to... [+] more
Research has confirmed the most important in-school determinant of student academic success is the quality of the teacher and classroom instruction. Necessary reforms to the teacher evaluation system have created an annual evaluation process that includes student academic... [+] more
The federal government has failed, for several years, to adequately address U.S. immigration policy which has proven inadequate to address the needs of companies competing in a globalized, 21st-century economy. Outdated restrictions and limitations cause jobs, investment... [+] more
For decades, appellate and Supreme Court judges have been appointed by the governor from recommendations produced by a nominating commission, and are retained or removed by the Tennessee electorate every eight years. Despite a system that worked well for Tennessee, there... [+] more
In 2013, the General Assembly passed legislation authorizing Tennessee handgun carry permit holders to store firearms in their vehicles on their employer's property, regardless of an employer's or landowner's preference to prohibit firearms. Later that year, the Attorney... [+] more
While the Common Core State Standards were adopted by Tennessee in 2010 and implemented in classrooms across the state, Gov. Haslam is currently conducting a review of the state's academic standards that will continue through spring 2015. To date, the review process has... [+] more
The Nashville Area and Robertson County Chambers of Commerce support Tennessee's current system for selecting school superintendents. Elected school boards set district policy and appoint a director of schools to serve as CEO of the organization, ensuring a coherent... [+] more
Market forces should determine hourly wage rates above the federal minimum, and any increase to the minimum wage increases costs to businesses and negatively impacts job creation. Indexing minimum wage rates so that they increase every year would create an even more... [+] more
The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce believes that any school voucher legislation must provide real choice with real accountability. Real choice refers to a voucher amount that would cover the tuition cost at a majority of quality independent schools. Real accountability... [+] more