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Tell Congress to Save Child Care
Congress needs to #SaveChildCare—and they need to hear from you! So while we know you’re heroically juggling multiple jobs at home and in your early childhood education programs, we urge you to take just one minute to remind your Senators and Representatives that they need to do their jobs, too. 

The urgent child care crisis that parents and providers are facing hasn’t gone away, and it isn’t going to vanish on its own. In fact, it’s going to get worse. With enrollment declining and costs surging, more programs will have to close their doors for good if the help they need doesn’t come. 

Our nation’s families, children, educators, child care programs, and businesses need $50 billion in substantial, targeted relief funds to stabilize child care, and they need it now.  

We are powerful when we act together; we’ve seen the difference your voices make. Because of your stories, shared with members of Congress and the public through news articles, op-eds, social media, and virtual meetings, child care is at the top of the list of bipartisan priorities for voters and policymakers. This summer, for example, a bipartisan group of Representatives passed the Child Care is Essential Act, which calls for $50 billion in needed stabilization funds for child care. 

Yet until there is a deal for a relief package that includes necessary funds for child care, our work is not done. 

We must keep reaching out! So take action today - and take care of yourselves and each other too. 
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