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Show Your Support for Music Education during NAfME's Virtual Hill Week
Thank you for participating in NAfME’s Virtual Hill Week! The individual option was provided so that advocates who may not have time for a full meeting with legislators are still able to have their voice and opinions heard. When advocating for music education, the most compelling arguments you can provide to legislators are based on personal/lived experiences. A template for your letter will be provided, but we strongly encourage you to personalize your message and show why you believe music education is important. 

When writing to legislators, it is important to not only show your support for music education, but to also advocate for specific programs/legislation that support music education. The NAfME FY 2023 Fact Sheet is a great resource to use when deciding what programs/legislation you should advocate for, providing descriptions of various programs and legislation that would support music education as well as the funding numbers being requested for those programs. The fact sheet contains a number of programs and legislation that would support music education. We suggest advocates choose 1 program or piece of legislation to write about in their message to legislators. NAfME's main legislative and appropriation requests are: 


  • Title I, Part A—Provides funds, through both school-wide and targeted assistance programs, to school districts to help disadvantaged children achieve proficiency on challenging academic standards and improve the performance of low-achieving schools.
    • We request this program be funded at $36.5 billion in FY 2023.
  • Title II, Part A—Focuses on improving student academic achievement by bolstering skills and expertise of teachers, principals, and other educators and increasing the number of high-quality teachers and principals in schools.
    • We request this program be funded at $3 billion in FY 2023.
  • Title IV, Part A—A flexible block grant program which supports activities in three broad areas:

(1) providing students with a well-rounded education (e.g., college and career counseling, STEM, arts and music, civics, advanced placement); (2) supporting safe and healthy students (e.g., comprehensive school mental health,drug and violence prevention, health and physical education); and (3) supporting the effective use of technology.

  • We request this program be funded at $2 billion in FY 2023.


  • Arts Education for All Act (H.R. 5581), Sponsored By Representative Suzanne Bonamici
    • The Arts Education for All Act would expand arts education and programming to America’s youngest learners, K-12 students, and youths impacted by the juvenile justice system.
  • Advancing Equity Through the Arts and Humanities Act (H.R 7627), Sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee
    • The Advancing Equity Through the Arts and Humanities Act will create the “Advancing Equity Through the Arts and Humanities Program”, aimed at increasing engagement with public and nonprofit entities that serve and are led by people of color, and to support arts and humanities projects that directly combat systemic racism.

For the full list and description of the programs and legislation NAfME supports, please visit our Fact Sheet.

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