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Support the Rail Passenger Fairness Act for On-Time Trains
Poor service from many host railroads has caused chronic and excessive delays for millions of riders who rely on the Amtrak system. In 2018, Amtrak trains were delayed by freight trains on host railroads more than 100,000 times. Interference by freight trains is the most common source of delay for Amtrak passengers and the largest cause of poor on-time performance of Amtrak trains.

Since Amtrak’s inception in 1971, the law has required that freight or “host” railroads are to provide Amtrak passenger trains passage on their railroad and give them priority access or “preference” over their freight trains. Despite the law, host railroads often ignore their obligation to provide Amtrak passengers with preference over freight trains and put freight trains in front of Amtrak trains causing delay to Amtrak passengers.

70% of the delays to Amtrak passengers on host railroads are caused by host railroads, yet Amtrak passenger trains utilize only 16% of the total host railroad network.

Now, passengers have a way to hold host railroads accountable. Help us recruit support in Congress for the Rail Passenger Fairness Act. The train you save could be your own!
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