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NATSO DOTH Talking Points
May 13, 2019 by LeeAnn Goheen
Talking Points
1. We support a self-sustaining source of funding for highway infrastructure. Increasing/modernizing motor fuels excise taxes (gas tax and diesel tax) seems to be the most effective way to fund the highway program, though we are open-minded to concepts such as the Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) tax.
2. Congress should reject ineffective, inefficient methods of raising money for the highway program that undercut businesses located off of highway exits. This is especially important to the truckstop and travel plaza industry because our locations are generally in close proximity to interstates. Specifically:
a. Rest Area Commercialization – Congress should reject any attempts to weaken the existing prohibition on rest area commercialization.
b. Tolling – Congress should reject any efforts to expand tolling on existing Interstates.
3. We support policies such as the biodiesel tax credit that incentivize fuel retailers to invest in bringing alternative fuels to market, and reward businesses that make these investments.
a. Congress should extend the biodiesel tax credit for 2018 and 2019.
4. Congress should reject policies that would undermine our ability to sell alternative fuels on a level playing field with our competitors.
a. A number of states allow public utility companies to utilize ratepayer dollars to invest in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. This allows utilities to use their monopoly power to gain a leg up over my business.
b. It discourages fuel retailers from investing in EV charging infrastructure, resulting in fewer charging stations along the Interstate Highway System.
c. The most effective way to increase the number of EV charging stations in the U.S. is to facilitate a competitive environment, with policies that reward fuel retailers who invest in EV charging infrastructure (similar to what Congress has done with the biodiesel tax credit).
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