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Urge Congress to Renew the Biodiesel Tax Incentive

Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, from across the United States support the biodiesel industry. It's urgent that they act today to renew the biodiesel tax credit and save industry jobs. 

The incentive expired at the end of 2017, and it remains expired as we approach the close of 2019. Biodiesel producers and blenders are facing unprecedented business uncertainty; at least nine have been forced to cut production and lay off workers. Continued cuts in production and blending will impact the industry's ability to invest and grow. More than 60,000 U.S. jobs are on the line.

The House has introduced bipartisan legislation to extend the tax credit. Please thank legislators who supported it and urge everyone to renew the tax credit before the end of November.

Please fill out the form -- the system will use your full address to find your legislators. You can add personal details and comments to the letter, and you can edit the letter to include additional personal comments. Different versions of the final letter will be sent to your Representative and Senators, based on their past sponsorship of legislation to renew the tax credit.

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