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Support Bill No 34-0190 to Ensure Fair Access to Testing for Counselors in the US Virgin Islands
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Engaged Counselor Advocates,

Please join us as we support counselor licensure efforts in the US Virgin Islands.  The Virgin Islands Board of Licensed Counselors and Examiners is working to amend their licensure code (Title 27, chapter 4a) to strengthen their scope of practice through an amendment (Bill No. 34-0190), that will also ensure fair access to testing for counselors. 

NBCC strongly supports the proposed amendment that will strengthen the laws and rules that regulate mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and substance abuse counselors. It will improve educational requirements, increase the number of approved supervisors, and increase the number of licensed providers in the Virgin Islands. Additionally, the requirement of criminal background checks and continuing education for re-certification will serve as a key public protection. The proposed amendment also further defines the scope of practice for the professional counselor and establishes educational and experiential requirements that are on par with national standards, therefore allowing the Virgin Islands to participate in equal measure with other jurisdictions in terms of licensure reciprocity and portability. 

The amendment also further defines the appraisal and assessment techniques professional counselors utilize based on their education, training, and experience. The proposed language brings the Virgin Islands into alignment with the current national standards in this area of licensure. 

Currently, there  is an ongoing effort by psychology organizations to limit equitable access to mental health care in the US Virgin Islands by limiting the scope of practice for licensed counselors. 

To learn more about this bill and sign a petition to support The Virgin Islands Board of Licensed Counselors and Examiners  : Sign the Petition to support Counselors 

In addition, 2/24/22 at 7pm AST/6pm EST (tonight) you can tune into a radio broadcast via zoom to learn more about communitywide efforts regarding this legislation. Dr. Vincentia Paul-Constantin will be featured on the show and will share her expertise regarding licensure processes with listeners: Connect to Radio Broadcast 

Meeting ID: 833 8022 6673

Passcode: 03102022

Communities in the US Virgin Islands, along with the communities across the globe, are facing more extensive mental health concerns than ever before due to the pandemic, global unrest, substance disorders, and the multifaceted stressors impacting families. Counselors are prepared to serve the mental health needs of clients and the proposed amendments will make it easier for their work to reach the people who need help. 

The NBCC Government and Legislative Affairs Team

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