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Dear District of Columbia NCCs! 

NBCC is collaborating with the District of Columbia Mental Health Counselors Association (DCMHCA) and the Council of the District of Columbia (D.C.) to introduce a Counseling Compact bill this fall! The bill will be introduced and needs to be enacted for D.C. counselors to participate in the Counseling Compact. All D.C. NCCs will be asked to help during the upcoming legislative process. This email is to let you know about the compact and how you can help NBCC and DCMHCA pass legislation to join it. 

What is the Counseling Compact?

  • The Interstate Counseling Compact is a constitutionally authorized, legally binding contract between states allowing licensed counselors to gain a privilege to practice in all states that join the compact.
  • It authorizes interstate practice (in-person and telehealth) by licensed counselors who hold a valid, unrestricted home state license in a member state and apply for the privilege to practice in other member states.


How will the Counseling Compact help?

  • Expands the mobility of the counseling workforce
  • Enables counselors to serve clients who are increasingly engaged in multi-state employment and education
  • Facilitates efficient licensure processes for military-connected families
  • Ensures that proper regulatory processes necessary for the protection of the public are maintained and completed
  • Allows for rapid sharing of investigative and disciplinary information
  • Addresses the shortage of mental health counselors by reducing the time to obtain a valid license after relocating or moving


What is the current status of the compact?

  • Compact states: As of August 2022, the compact has been enacted in 17 states (Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia). For up-to-date details and information please visit
  • Compact Commission: The Compact Commission will convene for the first time Oct. 25–26, 2022. The commission is the interstate administrative body composed of one delegate from each member state’s licensing board or agency (at this time 17 states have enacted legislation, listed above) and is tasked with implementing the compact’s provisions for interstate practice of professional counseling. This process generally takes 12–18 months to complete. After this phase, compact member states can begin granting privileges to practice.  


How can you get involved? 

  • Respond to calls to action from NBCC and your other professional organizations. Once legislation is introduced, NBCC will post an active campaign to help you easily contact D.C. legislators.
  • Join/support DCMHCA DCMHCA represents local licensed professional counselors in the District of Columbia and will be spearheading the legislative efforts. They advocate for LPCs and LGPCs and work to enhance opportunities for professional growth, employment, clinical competency, parity, and legislative equity, and ensure that quality mental health services are available and accessible.
  • Attend the 2022 Counseling Compact Legislative Summit on Sept. 20 or 22This virtual event will showcase the compact and its value for counseling professionals, clients, and state workforce strategies, and provide examples of successful state efforts to pass compact legislation. Register here:
  • Set up a meeting with your D.C. legislator. Share your personal story with your representative. Legislators need to learn about the practice of counseling from constituents. Let them know about you and your abilities! 


The Counseling Compact is more important now than ever, and the momentum is only growing! The global pandemic has dramatically expanded the need for telehealth services, and legislators are widely supporting compacts across the United States. Please join NBCC and DCMHCA as we advocate for increased access to mental health services by supporting the upcoming legislative efforts to pass the Counseling Compact in D.C. 


NBCC Government Affairs Team

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