Human Life Action Center

The Equality Act discriminates against people of faith and threatens unborn life. Tell Congress to oppose it!
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. On February 25, 2021, the US House of Representatives passed the Equality Act. Attention now moves to the US Senate. The Equality Act needs to be opposed. Instead of respecting differences in beliefs about marriage and sexuality, the Equality Act would discriminate against people of faith. 

The Equality Act would:

  • punish faith-based organizations, such as charities and schools who serve everyone in their communities, simply because of their beliefs;
  • risk mandating taxpayers to fund abortions;
  • force people in everyday life, and especially health care workers, to support gender transition;
  • expand what the government considers a “public” place, forcing even some parish halls to host functions that conflict with Catholic beliefs;
  • force girls and women to compete against boys and men for limited opportunities in sports, share locker rooms and shower spaces with biological males who identify as women.

Tell your senators to oppose the Equality Act!




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