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Congress: “Human Infrastructure” MUST NOT fund abortion!
There’s another huge battle shaping up in Congress over taxpayer funding of abortion. We need your help!

As you know, we are fighting to preserve the Hyde Amendment in government spending. The Hyde Amendment protects Americans from being forced to pay for abortion with our tax dollars.

But the House and Senate are moving forward on a “human infrastructure” bill. The bill is likely to include things that many Catholics support, including expanded health care coverage. But there is serious concern that such health care proposals will fund elective abortion.  

Democratic leadership is using a rare process known as “budget reconciliation”, which would allow this “human infrastructure” bill to become law with a simple majority vote (most legislation requires 60 votes in the Senate to move forward).  

That is why we need your voice NOW to tell Congress that Americans do NOT want their tax dollars to pay for abortions in ANY bill, much less a bill promoted as a “human infrastructure” bill.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops just wrote to Congress asking for policies that will:

  • help those on the margins of society
  • strengthen families
  • protect religious freedom
  • promote care for creation,
  • and respect the rights and dignity of every human life.

The letter insists that health care proposals in this “human infrastructure” bill be governed by the Hyde Amendment principle of NOT funding elective abortions.  

And our bishops made it clear that “should this bill expand taxpayer funding of abortion, the USCCB will oppose it.”

Congress must hear from YOU now!  Tell your representatives that any health care proposals MUST NOT fund elective abortion. 

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