February 19, 2021
  News From The VA  

VA Suspends Debt Collection Through September 2021

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  From The First Lady of the United States  

Helping Military Children is "critical to our National Security", says First Lady

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  Retired Military Transition  

Retired Military May Face Fewer Transition Problems Than Their Peers Support.

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  From The Navy  

Big Navy: Sailors will enjoy fewer COVID restrictions if they volunteer to get the vaccine.  

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'The Non Commissioned Officers Association has been provided a unique online Roll of Honor directory which displays fully illustrated military service histories of our Members. Powered by the Together We Served platform, this feature-rich 'Roster' directory, with the built-in search engine, enables our Members to easily network with other Non Commissioned Officers Association Members. Non Commissioned Officers Associations Members who have now passed on may also be memorialized here, family is welcomed to build a profile for their loved one. We encourage you to join our Non Commissioned Officers Association Roll of Honor. Please click HERE  for fast registration to create your own military history profile which will be shown on the NCOA Roll Of Honor. There is no cost to the Non Commissioned Officers Association Members for this service, which is designed to help preserve the military heritage of our Members.'
  Presidents Day  

31 Presidents Who Served In The Military

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  NCOA Promotions  

Do You Have NCOA's Challenge Coin?

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NCOA / USAA Membership Campaign

Keep up to date on our 2020 Membership Campaign

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WWII Veteran Wants To Be Buried In Navy Uniform, so She Made One

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  COVID-19 & Tri-Care Updates  

CDC Federal Retail Pharmacy Program

White House announcement that COVID-19 vaccines will be made available through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, please see this link for all pertinent information

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TRICARE Network Pharmacies

TRICARE beneficiaries should contact their local TRICARE network pharmacy to determine if they may schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as supplies are distributed in their area..

Locate a local TRICARE network pharmacy here.

TRICARE Non-Network Pharmacies

TRICARE beneficiaries can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at non-network pharmacies-at no charge-as supplies are distributed in their area. Currently, under the federal response, pharmacies are prohibited from balance billing patients for COVID-19 vaccines.

Note: TRICARE does NOT cover access to other vaccines (e.g., flu, shingles, etc.) at non-network pharmacies; therefore, the preferred option is to utilize a TRICARE network pharmacy for all other covered vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccination Options For National Guard and Reserve Members

Are you a National Guard or Reserve member with questions about how to get the COVID-19 vaccine? TRICARE has the answers you're looking for.

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