June 25, 2021
  Juneteenth Becomes a Federal Holiday  

Juneteenth Becoming a Federal Holiday and What the Day Truly Stands For

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  Our Challenge to Our Chapters  

NCOA's Chapter Challenge and What We Stand For

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  Independence Day and What It Stands For  

The True Meaning of Independence Day

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  The Mental Challenges That Our Veterans Face and the Changes Being Made  

New Legislation on Veteran Suicide Prevention

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'The Non Commissioned Officers Association has been provided a unique online Roll of Honor directory which displays fully illustrated military service histories of our Members. Powered by the Together We Served platform, this feature-rich 'Roster' directory, with the built-in search engine, enables our Members to easily network with other Non Commissioned Officers Association Members. Non Commissioned Officers Associations Members who have now passed on may also be memorialized here, family is welcomed to build a profile for their loved one. We encourage you to join our Non Commissioned Officers Association Roll of Honor. Please click HERE  for fast registration to create your own military history profile which will be shown on the NCOA Roll Of Honor. There is no cost to the Non Commissioned Officers Association Members for this service, which is designed to help preserve the military heritage of our Members.'

  A Letter From the Desk of the Chairman  

A Letter From Chairman Haines 

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  Frag Out Flavor Seasonings  



Grill with seasonings made by Veterans for Veterans!

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  Honoring Our WWII Veterans  


Honoring Our WWII Veterans

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