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End Dismemberment Abortion in Nebraska!
Your immediate action is needed to help pass the most important pro-life bill this Legislative Session!

LB814, introduced by Senator Suzanne Geist of Lincoln, would ban dismemberment abortion in the state of Nebraska. Dismemberment abortion is a brutal procedure in which an abortionist tears a living unborn child apart with grasping forceps, limb by limb, until the child bleeds to death. This procedure is typically performed between 13 and 24 weeks of pregnancy when a baby has fully developed arms and legs (13 weeks), can swallow, yawn, hiccup, and smile (16 weeks), and has almost fully formed facial features (24 weeks). Learn more about LB814 here.

The hearing for LB814 was nearly three weeks ago. Since the committee has neither killed nor advanced LB814, this important pro-life bill merits debate by the full Legislature. To that end, Senator Geist has filed a "pull motion" to help advance the bill through the legislative process.  

What is a pull motion?
A pull motion is an attempt to "pull" a bill out of a committee to the full Legislature for debate. It is used when the Judiciary Committee has failed to take action or is deadlocked on a vote. To succeed, a pull motion needs a simple majority of the full body (25 votes). This is a procedural vote, but more importantly, a "yes" vote is a vote to advance pro-life legislation in Nebraska.

What can advocates do to help?
The full Legislature will take a vote on the pull motion early next week (March 17), so it is critical that you email and call your State Senator today. While emails with our pre-written messages are helpful, the most meaningful contact to Senators will be unique, personal email messages and phone calls about why this bill is important to you. Click here to find your Senator's phone number or send a personal email below.

You and other pro-life advocates in Nebraska will have an enormous and critical impact on this historic vote to End Dismemberment Abortion Now!
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