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Tell President Trump and Congress: Don't expand E15 sales!

The administration is "very close" to expanding the sale of fuel with 15% ethanol - known as E15 - year-round, which will needlessly put 142 million American boaters in danger.
Small engines - like those in your boats, lawn mowers, and motorcycles - can only use fuel with 10% ethanol (E10) or lower. Fuels with a higher ethanol content cause severe damage to smaller engines, putting you and your boat at risk.
Expanding E15 sales before consumer protections are in place is reckless. Fortunately, there's a solution in Congress called The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act, which will protect consumers through education and better labeling.
Tell Congress and the administration to put consumers first, stop the expansion of E15 sales, and support the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act!

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      Boating Matters

      Boating United is a community of boating businesses, enthusiasts and supporters. Together we shape policy that affects our industry and our interests.

      The recreational boating industry supports jobs, economic development and recreational activities for millions of Americans. We're not just weekend boaters; we're employers, manufacturers, taxpayers and citizens who make a difference in all 50 states. Our industry has legislative and regulatory issues that are important. Issues that affect a uniquely domestic industry that reaches millions of businesses, community members and voters.

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