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Stand Up and Take Action!
We did it! The House passed the Modern Fish Act! Now we need to urge the Senate to ACT!

Thanks to your efforts, the House has passed HR 200, which includes Modern Fish Act provisions. This is a bipartisan step towards advancing recreational fishing policy. Your letters made the difference.

It is now time for the U.S. Senate to take up and pass the Modern Fish Act (S. 1520).

It is imperative that you contact your senators today and strongly urge them to support the Modern Fish Act. 

The Modern Fish Act will make critically important changes to federal fishing regulations, including several key provisions that are supported by a broad coalition of recreational fishing and boating organizations:

  • Allows for recreational fisheries to be managed using more appropriate management tools
  • Modifies the annual catch limit requirement to allow for more adaptive approaches
  • Requires managers in the southeastern U.S. to perform long-overdue examinations of fishery allocation, based on modern criteria
  • Limits the spread of catch share programs that have negatively impacted anglers and fishing communities
  • Promotes consideration of new data collection methods that could improve fisheries management and conservation
  • Ensures exempted fishing permits help fisheries management and conservation - rather than the status quo which can hinder both

Please urge your senators to support the Modern Fish Act today.

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      Boating Matters

      Boating United is a community of boating businesses, enthusiasts and supporters. Together we shape policy that affects our industry and our interests.

      The recreational boating industry supports jobs, economic development and recreational activities for millions of Americans. We're not just weekend boaters; we're employers, manufacturers, taxpayers and citizens who make a difference in all 50 states. Our industry has legislative and regulatory issues that are important. Issues that affect a uniquely domestic industry that reaches millions of businesses, community members and voters.

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