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Tell Congress: Prevent Cancer Deaths with Early Detection Testing
We can prevent cancer deaths by catching cancer in its earlier stages. Congress is considering legislation - The Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act (H.R. 1946/S. 1873) - that would create a pathway to Medicare coverage of early detection tests for cancer.

Here are the facts:


  • Cancer screening tests covered by Medicare are currently limited to just five cancer types - breast, colorectal, prostate, lung, and cervical     
  • ~70% of the 600,000 cancer deaths each year are caused by cancer types that do not have screening tests available.      
  • Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests are innovative screening tests designed to detect many different cancer types in early stages. Some of these tests are capable of detecting dozens of cancers – helping to prevent cancer deaths by catching cancer in the crucial early stages. 


Congress has the power to create a pathway that would allow for Medicare coverage of these early detection tests. The Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act (H.R. 1946/S. 1873) would establish a new pathway for Medicare coverage of MCED tests following approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If this legislation is passed, this new coverage pathway would ensure that when MCED tests are approved by the FDA, seniors don’t face unnecessary access delays.     


Over 300 Members of Congress and 412 leaders in cancer advocacy agree: now is the time to pass this legislation! With only a handful of legislative days left this year, Congress must           act to reduce missed cancer screenings by passing the Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act. 

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