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Albany is at it again. Assemblywoman Nily Rozic just drew a line in the sand and she is not willing to let common sense prevail. Assemblywoman Rozic has made the wild accusation that is completely unfounded that dietary supplements cause eating disorders.
The Assemblywoman wants to ignore reliable science and data, limit consumer choice, and follow New York’s long tradition of over-regulating the natural products industry.
Time after time, we see lawmakers across the country failing to follow federal oversight of an industry. They are now taking it to the next level in New York. Assemblywoman Rozic’s bill would - for the first time in the 243-year history of the United States - ban a food product for use by a certain demographic. Instead of going after the bad actors, she is painting the natural products industry with broad strokes. Assemblywoman Rozic is making our industry the boogeyman at your expense.
But you and I both know that our industry should never be portrayed as the boogeyman. We take our commitment to consumer safety seriously – working around the clock with the FDA and FTC to make sure our products are compliant. The FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System analytically proves there isn’t any correlation between our products and the dangers implied by Assemblywoman Rozic’s bill.
It’s past time we band together. Send this letter to your representative in New York telling this bill undermines public health. A-10138 puts the safety and security of dietary supplements in jeopardy by making the depths of the internet the only option for those under 18 to obtain supplements.
This is a matter of “life and death” for the natural products industry, and most importantly for American consumers. Take action now by telling your representatives to oppose this bill.
We will continue to update you on this important matter.

Kyle Turk
Deputy Director of the Government Affairs
Natural Products Association
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