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URGENT ACTION ALERT: US Senate Agricultural Appropriations Committee Fails to Protect American Consumers
The US Senate Agricultural Appropriations Committee recommended their report language to the full Appropriations Committee without including legislation that would finally ensure the American people that the CBD products that they are using are safe.
Instead of taking up Congressman McNerney’s language that passed the US House of Representatives which would allocate the needed funds for the FDA to set a safe daily consumption level of CBD, they choose to allow the fly by night companies who are opposed to worrying about the safety of the American people to have their way.  Instead of the US Senate doing their jobs as elected officials, they choose to insert non-specific report language which is non-binding that would allow for the status quo.
You and I both know that this was the wrong move.  Their actions show that instead of requiring the FDA to do their jobs they are more than happy to allow the American people to be left in the dark while using products that the FDA does not know are safe.
We cannot let this dangerous precedent stand and we need your help to force the US Senate to protect the American consumers.  Please send a letter to both of your US Senators and demanding they introduce Congressman McNerney’s language into the final appropriations bill, which would finally require the FDA to set a safe level of CBD for daily consumption and give the 1 in 7 Americans that use those products every day the assurance that the products that they are taking are safe.
Stand with NPA and with the American consumer on doing the right thing.
As always, thank you again for being a dedicated member of the natural products industry.
Dr. Daniel Fabricant
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