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Legislation Seeking to Undermine DSHEA
Our industry is heavily regulated and provides Americans with the safest dietary supplement supply in the world, but the fake news media continues to claim otherwise.  A new bill in Congress would only fuel that misperception and bring politicians – not FDA scientists -- closer to picking and choosing which dietary ingredients should be subject to certain regulations.
We need your help to stop this wrongheaded and dangerous approach.  
While it may sound ok, the Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act (HR 841) would play right into the hands of critics who wrongfully claim that the dietary supplement industry is unregulated.
This bill was written by special interest groups who are seeking to undermine DSHEA, the very law that safeguards our industry. This bill would create a dangerous precedent where Congress, not FDA, makes decisions on which dietary ingredients should be subject to DSHEA.  So today it is CBD, but tomorrow it could be something else.
We agree that FDA needs to create a regulated marketplace for CBD products, but we know that FDA already has the authority under DSHEA to do so. We should not undermine DSHEA at the behest of special interests who don’t share our long-term commitment to science-based regulation of our industry.
There are better ways to create a robust and sustainable market for CBD products than to allow legislation that undermines the legal foundation for our entire industry. Join us in opposing bills that allow our critics to claim that our industry is not regulated and that DSHEA doesn’t work.
Tell your representatives in Washington that you oppose H.R. 841 today.
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