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Protect our Supplements
Bad ideas don't just materialize in Washington. They happen in Albany too. 

Representative Rozic and Senator Mayer, have made a strong commitment to limiting consumer choice, over-regulating business, and have effectively put a bullseye on the dietary supplement industry.

Their most recent bill, AB-431 and SB 16 would restrict access to dietary supplements at your local health food store. Consumers will now turn to massive online retailers to get their supplements, which takes money out of the pockets of your local family-owned health foods store. 

Representative Rozic and Senator Mayer don't understand the dietary supplement industry. They don't get that these supplements are made from natural ingredients that are found in foods, that is legislation hurts responsible retailers, and that restricting access to these products is unfair to New York consumers. 

This is why I am calling on you to let your representation in Albany know AB-431, and SB 16 is not the will of the people. Consumers want to access products that will support a healthy lifestyle, especially during COVID-19

Don't let Representative Rozic and Senator Mayer hurt our industry. Tell Albany this is wrong for New York. Send this letter today.

Thank you,

Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Natural Products Association
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