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  Leadership Academy class members return excited following Program 1  
Academy well on its way to providing state's associations, communities with more quality leaders

The Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy aims to help participants become better leaders for their private businesses as well as their public communities. Another key goal is the program helps selected REALTOR® members become involved in their local, and eventually, state association.

To that end, the program has been a marked success. There is proof in the proverbial pudding. Four of the five current members of Nevada REALTORS® Executive Team are graduates of the program. Two of the four current Leadership Academy Trustees hold a leadership position on their local board. This is not a unique trend to 2018 either as program graduates in state and local leadership positions has been a growing trend for years.

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  Quicken Loans: Owner Perception of Home Value Dips  

The gap between an appraisal value and homeowner expectations widened in January - reversing course for the first time in eight months. The National Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index (HPPI) showed appraisers valued homes an average of 0.6 percent lower than what owners estimated.

Despite the slight difference in perception, the Quicken Loans Home Value Index (HVI) - the only measure of home value change based solely on appraisal data reported climbing home values. On a national level, appraisal values increased 0.46 percent from December to January. The annual growth was even stronger, with home values jumping 7.03 percent from the same month of the previous year.

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  Let the Fur Fly - What are the best cities for cat, dog lovers story lists Reno among Top 10 for both

Which side are you on?  America is bitterly divided into two warring groups these days. One is welcome in your home and considered family. The other is despicable and makes your blood boil. So cough it up: Are you a dog person or a cat person? And don't give us that independent voter nonsense-we know you have a preference. Everyone does.

Catios or dog runs? Aloof cuddliness or goofy rambunctiousness? Automated litter boxes or hands-free, app-controlled pooper-scoopers? Surprise: The camp you find yourself in might just help determine where you should live. As the animal-loving®data team found out, some metros are particularly welcoming to canines and the folks who adore 'em-while others are hot spots for full-on feline frenzy.

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  Region XI Conference nears, registration open  
  The annual Region XI spring conference is quickly approaching. The 2018 conference is set for April 11-13 at the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, NM. In addition to the customary caucus meeting and networking events, Region XI has been selected to host one of NAR's new Member Edge events. This one-day, high-energy event is geared toward REALTORS® who are eager to learn cutting-edge technologies and business practices as well as the latest industry news and NAR resources that can benefit business and clients.

Organizers are calling the upcoming event a spectacular education and networking program at one of the West's premiere resorts. Festivities kick off April 11 with REALTOR® party training and a Region XI 'Welcome to New Mexico Fiesta' dinner. April 12 features the Members Edge programming. April 13 features a morning of presentations before the conference concludes at 2 p.m. To read more details and learn how to register, click here. You can also find a conference agenda.