Automatic Fire Sprinklers in Las Vegas  

The City of Las Vegas moved forward with its automatic fire sprinkler proposal for newly constructed residential homes. Carrara Nevada worked with the City of Las Vegas and its Deputy Fire Chief to help craft a comprehensive bill that would not affect existing homes. At the City Council hearing prior to the vote, the Council addressed the UNLV report on the cost-benefit analysis. The Deputy Fire Chief noted on the record the exemption for existing homes and thanked GLVAR for its input. The four City Council members present at the next meeting voted in favor of the proposal. What does this mean? It means that this piece of legislation is more comprehensive regarding GLVAR's interest than the City of Henderson's, which has had an automatic fire sprinkler code since July 2011. The language in the Las Vegas code specifically states an exemption for existing homes and any modification for existing homes. In other words "new structures" are now clearly defined in Las Vegas' code. Some exceptions may apply, so please check with Joe Locatelli for more information.



  Reno Business Improvement District  

We first wrote about the Reno Business Improvement District (BID) in the November 2017 Advocate, and since that time the BID has been created. As described on the City's webpage, the BID "is a private sector funding mechanism designed to improve the environment of the downtown business district with new services financed by a self-imposed and self-governed property assessment."

A formation and nominating committee has been organized to facilitate the initial organization of the downtown management organization. The initial directors will be elected by that committee. Thereafter, directors shall be elected or appointed by the board from a slate nominated by the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors will be comprised of persons representing various geographic and business interests.

Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2018. For consideration, candidates are invited to review the member criteria and, if interested, fill out an application found at this link:



  Fire and Life Safety Information Campaign  

In an effort to educate and protect homeowners and renters on fire and life safety tips in short-term rentals, IVBOR and North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District launched their first mail piece to Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents.

If you are contacted by anyone in the media or have questions, please direct all inquiries to Heather Lunsford, or 775-842-5786.  



  Truckee River Flood Control Project Needs Committee  

The Truckee River Flood Control Project Needs Committee is empowered to review various funding (revenue) sources to be utilized to fund the Truckee River Flood project. These revenue sources included Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT), Government Services Tax (GST), room tax, and property tax. The committee is comprised of legislators, local business representatives, local government representative appointees, a REALTOR® (Marge Frandsen), and a labor representative. The Committee has until April 2, 2018, to formulate a recommendation of funding for the project. This recommendation will be placed on the 2018 General Election as a ballot question and subject to a vote of the people.

The committee has eliminated room tax, RPTT, and GST as suitable and substantial enough to generate sufficient revenue for the project's needs. The committee is also considering fees to be assessed to properties within "direct benefit areas" of flood impacts. These properties would be assessed fees based on the direct benefits derived by the completion of the flood project. The fee formulas would be determined by the Truckee River Flood Management Authority Board of Directors.



  Carson City's Affordable Housing Taskforce  

Affordable housing. Two words that can be heard nearly everyday across the country. Carson City's Affordable Housing Taskforce will spend the next few months taking a close look at the City's housing structure and hopes to identify some possible solutions. Members from the SNAR Government Affairs Committee will be involved in the discussion to help provide direction for future recommendations.



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March 9, 2018
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