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As REALTORS®, we are targeted every legislative session for industry specific taxes. Real estate transfer taxes, direct taxes on your commissions, and heavy restrictions added to closings have been proposed in Nevada in past sessions. How do we fight these bad proposals on your behalf? With the strength of our numbers. NV REALTORS® is the largest trade association in the state. When our members register to vote in high numbers and show up at the polls, it gives a lot of strength to our voice.

Are you registered to vote? Are your colleagues around the office? Registering to vote takes less than a minute online at You'll need your Nevada driver's license or state ID.

Together, we keep Nevada REALTORS® strong, and defend our industry.



  GLVAR's Legislative Priorities  

GLVAR's Political Affairs Committee, at the behest of the Nevada REALTORS®, has been hard at work over the past several months identifying legislative issues and priorities for the 2019 session. Using an exhaustive and extensive identification process, the committee and its members have identified issues that may be hindering our members in the real estate transaction. The issues identified by the committee include:

  • Advertising with a licensee's number to allow for nicknames,
  • Changes to the SRPD,
  • Expansion of disclosure requirements by a licensee,
  • Expansion of post-licensing education requirements,
  • HOA issues,
  • Property management issues.

These issues, identified by the Political Affairs Committee over the last three months, will now be vetted, refined, eliminated, and prioritized by the Political Advisory Committee over the next couple of weeks. Ultimately, when this process is completed, GLVAR will submit its list of priority issues to the Nevada REALTORS® Legislative Committee for their consideration. That committee, made up of REALTORS® from across the state, will have final say over what the REALTORS®'s legislative agenda for the 2019 session will be. Other local associations across the state are going through a very similar process, and GLVAR's ideas and issues will be competing with those in a statewide vetting of the issues at hand for our members. Stay tuned for more information as this process further unfolds. For more information, please contact Joe Locatelli at



  WCSD Capital Funding for Building and Repairs  

For more than a decade, the Washoe County School District (WCSD) has faced a lack of funding to build and repair schools. On November 8, 2016, voters passed WC-1, with significant support within the community, providing the school district enough capital funding to adequately build and repair schools. As they understand from their business experiences the importance of a vibrant education system within the community, REALTORS® at the local, state, and national levels were an integral part of the efforts to pass WC-1.

It is important to remember that all expenditures from this funding source must be reviewed and signed off on by the Capital Funding Protection Committee, a citizen oversight group, before the WCSD Board of Trustees ever sees and approves them.

The Damonte Ranch HS expansion brought twenty‑two (22) classrooms into use on April 9, 2018, on time and on budget. As of this writing, WCSD has broken ground on two new middle schools and one elementary. All of these schools will open in school year 2019. WCSD is in the process of land acquisition for a new middle school, two new elementary schools, and a new high school. All these new schools will relieve overcrowding.

The repairs will bring older schools up to par and provide more career-tech options to give students better chances at success in life. In 2017, WCSD was able to dedicate $20 million to:

  • Replace boilers;
  • Revitalize (make major renovations) elementary schools;
  • Install a new cooling system and provide safety upgrades at Nancy Gomes ES;
  • Replace roofs; and,
  • Install 44,000 square feet of new carpet at Robert McQueen HS, among others.

Most of these new schools and renovations would not have been possible if it were not for the passage of WC-1. REALTORS® and REALTOR® clients can see for themselves the progress of all these projects by going to



  Short-term Rentals in Douglas County  

The Douglas County Commission reviewed its short-term rental ordinance recently. Topics of discussions for possible changes were expanding to allow short-term rentals in the Valley and change of use, inspections, and increasing permit fees. Members from the SNAR Government Affairs Committee have been involved in discussion to help provide direction for future recommendations.



  Tahoe Regional Planning Authority  

TRPA's Best Management Practices (BMP) Parcel Working Group recently met to discuss sustainable funding options for BMP compliance support. The goal is to have funding to support a technician dedicated to BMP compliance to help homeowners at a timelier rate. TRPA staff will bring a recommendation to the TRPA Governing Board in May/June 2018.



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April 13, 2018
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2018 Major Investors
Investment completed as of April 11, 2018. Pledges listed for those who have invested at least $500 as of the above date.

Platinum R ($10,000+)

Jack Woodcock (pledge)

Golden R ($5,000+)

Nancy Anderson
Diane Brown
Wendy DiVecchio
Ken Gragson
Heidi Kasama
Keith Lynam
Greg Martin
Doug McIntyre
Teresa McKee (pledge)
Bobbi Miracle (pledge)
George Peek
Linda Rheinberger
Buck Schaeffel
Kevin Sigstad (pledge)
Dave J. Tina
Dave R. Tina
Judie Woods

Crystal R ($2,500+)

Rosa Herwick
Soozi Jones-Walker (pledge)
Charlie Kitchen
Pam Reese (pledge)
Chantel Tilley (pledge)

Sterling R ($1,000+)

Christina Africk (pledge)
Forrest Barbee
Jillian Batchelor
Becky Blankenburg
Paul Bottari
Leslie Cain
Janet Carpenter
Sherrie Cartinella
Betty Chan
Michael Clark
Christina Cova-Simmons
John Fisher
Kellie Flodman (pledge)
Jim Forbus
Bob Fredlund
Ernie Freggiaro
John Graham
Eric Heinen
Cheryl Henning (pledge)
Danielle Hess
Beth Kitchen
Joan Kuptz
Timothy Kuptz
Erika Lamb
Laura Levine
Karen Marsa
Aldo Martinez
Fred McElroy
Christopher McGarey
James McGuire
Margie McIntyre
JC Melvin
Mark Miscevic
Terrence Moore
Carol Murphy
Merri Perry
Bill Process
Pam Ricci (pledge) 
Vincent Rossi
Kellie Rubin
Sarah Scattini (pledge)
Sara Sharkey-Alexander
Brad Spires
Anita Woodcock-Garritano
Julie Youngblood
Kamyar Zargari

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