April 4, 2018
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  Calling All Leadership Alumni  

Graduates of the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Program,

For the first time ever, Leadership Academy Alumni is seeking graduates from the Program to mentor this year's class. When we support the growth and empowerment of others, we improve the quality of life for everyone around us. After all, isn't the goal of the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy to raise the bar for our industry, while also raising the bar for our own lives as caring, giving human beings? 

LAA committee member Tamara Coulter expressed the following sentiment. "As a 2017 Leadership graduate, I can absolutely say I would have found great value in having a mentor to lean on and keep the energy of the overall program going strong throughout the year."

2018 Class:  This year's class is made up of 15 participants from across the state. The second session of the year-long program is set for July 16 in Reno.  

Goal of Mentorship:  As a mentor, YOU can be a role model, coach, sounding board and a trusted resource to the new Leadership class members. A mentorship program through Leadership can only be a win-win situation for all parties involved. YOU will be providing support to the mentee while building and growing the overall benefits of the Leadership Program.  

Commitment:  May through December of 2018, when the current class graduates. One hour per month for 8 months. This isn't in-person, but over the phone, through emails, Facetime and/or hand-written messages!  If you live in the same city and want to meet over coffee, that is great also.

Expectations:  Checking in with your mentee, periodically, to talk about business, life and what they are getting from the Program.

We understand you all have busy lives and many commitments. We hope you are able to commit to this endeavor.  Please contact Tiffany Banks at Tiffany@NVAR.org by Monday, April 23 if you are willing to take on this role and you will then be matched up with a current leadership participant.

Warm Regards,
Amber Diskin  -  Chair, LAA Committee