Flood Insurance Call for Action Coming Next Week  

NAR will be launching a Call For Action (CFA) NEXT WEEK on June 18 to push Congress to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) before the program lapses on July 31st. Keep an eye out for the email from NAR early next week! Be sure your voice is heard in D.C.!

Also make sure to text "NFIP" to 30644 to sign up for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts and get more information on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).



  Primary Election Results  

Nevada held its Primary election on June 12, and some high profile, key races were decided. About 320,000 voters casted votes out of a total of 1.5 million eligible voters (a 22% turnout), which is the highest voter turnout in a Primary since 2010.

REALTOR®-supported candidates fared well, and many move on to the General election in November. For more information on specific races, please contact your state or local Government Affairs Director.

You can see the Primary election results on the Secretary of State's election results website.



  Reno: Accessory Dwelling Units  

Within the city limits of Reno, the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) land use codes are being rewritten. ADU's include common terms such as in-law apartment, secondary apartment, backyard cottage, or granny flat. The city is looking at different strategies to increase available housing and is looking at ADUs in the effort to address housing availability and affordability issues. ADU code changes are just one approach and historically this type of dwelling units has been severely restricted within the City of Reno.

Should the ADU ordinance move forward, it would provide market-rate rental housing type that is not currently available in the City of Reno and would increase the overall rental options. Based on information included in the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency housing study, increasing the number of rental housing units available at all income levels would help to alleviate competition for units affordable to households making 50 to 80 percent of the area median income (AMI). Although the impacts of ADUs on single-family neighborhoods are relatively low in comparison to other types of affordable housing (e.g. multi-family apartments), there are neighborhood concerns relating to character/design, parking, property values, and community services.

ADU code changes have and are being reviewed by the Reno Planning Commission. Reno Community Development staff have provided several proposed changes and continue to hone code language. Some of the changes proposed limit square footage, height, property line setbacks, architectural compatibility with existing residences, as well as establish parking requirements.

Also under consideration are restrictions on use involving the prohibition of use as a short-term rental, use as office space, and a requirement that the owner must reside on the property where the ADU is located.

Within the next couple months, the Reno Planning Commission will have another presentation by Community Development staff containing Planning Commission's recent feedback. Once the Planning Commission approves the ordinance, it will go before the Reno City Council for final review, approval, and enactment.

Because low inventory and lack of affordability are such an issue for this area, and it will impact future smart growth and economic development, we applaud the city and county's efforts in looking at all the options.



  Washoe County Woodstove/Pellet Stove Certifications  

On May 15, 2018, the Washoe County Health District notified escrow officers within Washoe County that the Health District would no longer provide verbal approval of wood/pellet stove inspection for a Certificate of Compliance. Washoe County Wood Stove Regulation 040.051 SECTION D 3 allows fourteen (14) days after receipt of a completed wood/pellet stove inspection for a Certificate of Compliance to be issued, unless a device is uncertified. It is the responsibility of the real estate licensee to coordinate the inspection and submit the subsequent forms to the Health District.

The Washoe County Health District previously was not always able to meet the codified time frame and needed to make an exception in order to avoid delaying a transaction closing. Currently, the District has implemented an updated computer information system and is able to meet the time deadlines. Once the inspection documents are received, the District will prepare the Certificate of Compliance which is then forwarded to the title company via email.



  Douglas County Short-Term Rental Ordinance  

A few months ago, the Douglas County Commission started reviewing its short-term rental ordinance. Topics of discussion for possible changes were:

  • expansion of the ordinance to allow short-term rentals in the Valley,
  • inspections, and
  • increase in permit fees.

Commissioners will be holding a community meeting on June 18, 5-8 pm, at Harrah's in Stateline to roll out the proposed changes to the community.

The SNAR Government Affairs Committee has been involved and is at the table for discussions to help provide direction for future recommendations.



  Panel on Short-Term Residential Rentals in Southern Nevada  

Earlier this month at the Nevada REALTORS® State Conference, Carrara Nevada's President and CEO Rocky Finseth moderated a Short-Term Residential Rental (STR) panel discussion featuring Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Lois Tarkanian, who has been at the forefront of the STR debate, and Clark County Chief of Code Enforcement Jim Andersen, who is tasked with enforcing unincorporated Clark County's ban on STRs. There is a significant contrast in how the two local government entities handle STRs, given that the City of Las Vegas has an extensive code that has been revised numerous times and the unincorporated areas of Clark County do not allow STRs at all.

Andersen shared his perspective of a jurisdiction that does not allow STRs and the challenges of enforcing the ban in unincorporated Clark County. For instance, he pointed out that his office is not proactive, rather it is reactive with respect to imposing penalties and fines on STR violators. He also noted that even with a strict ban on STRs, the problems of illegal operators and/or those operating out of ignorance continue to exist.

Tarkanian has continuously explored alternatives to maintain the ability to operate an STR while striving to preserve the quality of neighborhoods' pre STR days, so that on-premise property owners may peacefully enjoy their home and neighborhood. The crux of the problem in Tarkanian's Ward I district appears to stem from the "party house" STRs that ignore nuisance laws and result in a number of complaints by her constituents. She acknowledged that the current policy of requiring those who operate an STR to get a Special Use Permit (SUP) has not proven to be an effective policy. She noted that the City Council may consider replacing the SUP with a Privileged License-and there is the possibility of rewriting much of the existing code. Las Vegas city councilmembers are aware that GLVAR seeks to be a part of that conversation. Your GLVAR Government Affairs team has been involved in these conversations, and is staying on top of the latest discussions.

During the question-and-answer period, REALTOR® members were able to voice their perspective mostly directed to Tarkanian. The event lent more clarity on the subject of STRs to both REALTORS® in the audience and those panel members on stage.



  Incline Village/Crystal Bay Fire and Life Safety in Short-Term Rentals  

In an effort to educate and protect homeowners and renters on fire and life safety tips in short-term rentals, IVR and North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District launched their second mail piece to Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents.

Learn more here.



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June 15, 2018
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