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  Home Ownership Matters!  
  From city hall to the U.S. Capitol, REALTORS┬« are actively involved in a wide range of issues related to the health and well-being of the communities where they work and live. Through their membership in the National Association of REALTORS┬«, they are a powerful voice in support of the dream of homeownership and work to build strong communities and a vibrant business environment that benefits everyone.

Homeownership Matters is an education and advocacy campaign committed to protecting the dream of homeownership. This initiative provides useful information on real estate, tax and property policies in an effort to inspire homeowners to take action, protecting homeownership now - and for generations to come.

Homeownership Matters provides an ideal platform for current and prospective homeowners to have their voice heard at the local, state and national levels of government on core tax and property issues. With proposed policy changes happening in communities across the country, it is more important than ever to stand-up for homeowner rights. Click here to read more.


  NAR General Counsel addresses RE competition in DOJ-FTC workshop  
  Earlier this month, NAR general counsel Katie Johnson was among a distinguished group of panelists at What's New in Residential Real Estate Brokerage Competition, workshop on competition in real estate sponsored jointly by the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. NAR asserts that innovation, competitive forces, and consumer choice have never been stronger. 

You can read all of Johnson's prepared remarks for the workshop by clicking here.


  Nine reasons your expertise justifies your commission  
Explain to prospects and clients that your specific real estate knowledge is worth the money they'll pay for your services
Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and you're no different. You want your clients to see the value you bring to the transaction, but many real estate professionals are timid about tooting their horn to prospects and clients.

You don't want to come off as self-important, but you do want to educate customers about what you do-and most importantly, why you're worth a commission check. Particularly in this digital age, where face-to-face communication is becoming scarcer, you might hear some aggravating comments.

You know all the reasons you're valuable, but there's a resource you can provide customers. Click here to see the list and read the full REALTOR┬« Magazine article.


  Why are states investing in future homeowners?  

Across the country, states are stepping up to the plate to help future home buyers through programs that help them save the money they need, tax-free, to purchase their first home. It turns out these programs help current homeowners, too.

If you're a homeowner - or in the process of buying a home right now - you know just how hard it can be to save enough for the down payment, closing costs and other fees associated with purchasing a home. Student loans, credit card debt and flat wages can all make this task worse.

To address this problem, states like Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon and Virginia have already created programs that help these first-time homebuyers save the money they need, tax-free, to purchase their first home. Read the complete article by clicking here.