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  Nevada's future looks bright as global state  
Nevada REALTORS® Global Business Chair Rena Levy
shares insights from NAR repor

Immigrant families and foreign investors have long played an important role in Nevada's housing and in contributing to build housing wealth. With more than 20 percent of the population being immigrants, it is estimated that over $ 25 billion of the home-buying market share in the last five years were foreign buyers. Today, Nevada is home to more than 600,000 immigrants and foreign investors - one of every five residents of the state.
The U.S. real estate market has become increasingly influenced by international buyers in recent years. That trend has left Nevada as one of the more popular destinations for these international investors. According to the 2018 NAR International Buyer's Profile (click on adjacent image to view report), foreign buyers purchased $121.0 billion of residential property from April 2017 through March 2018 and more than $ 150 billion in commercial properties in that same time period. Click here to read the full article.


  Optimize website searches for your business  
  REALTOR® members can increase their clientele by learning and sharing search engine optimization resources. A four-video series teaches members how SEO can be used in real estate and help their website appear through online search results, which is a major part of how homebuyers and sellers find REALTORS®. Click here to learn more and see the video series.


  Housingwire: Is real estate appreciation shifting west?  

Forecasts of higher real estate appreciation continue to tilt west, including Nevada

Just as America's population growth moved west from the Atlantic, real estate appreciation is trending in that direction, too. According to projections within the 2nd Quarter 2018 VeroFORECAST released last month, a graph of the nation's highest-appreciating Metropolitan Statistical Areas through May 2019 might look like a wave cresting towards the West Coast.

The report from Veros Real Estate Solutions predicts that, while U.S. residential real estate will rise at a national average of +4.4% over the next 12 months, a tenth-of-a-percent uptick over the previous quarter's report, the top markets are all between +9.1% and +11.1% - and all between the Rockies and the Pacific.

Six of those 10 MSAs are in Washington State and Nevada, which is starting to come back strongly. Although Las Vegas has dropped out of the top 10, the Carson City MSA has leapt in and the Reno-Sparks market leapt up from tenth to sixth. Both now are predicted to have average property appreciation of 9.5%. The rest of the top 10 markets are in Oregon, Idaho and California, where the Bay Area occupies two spots. Add in Utah and Colorado and you have 21 of the top 25 markets. Click here to read more.


  REALTOR Magazine: 5 reasons you should call instead of text  

More often than not, people choose to communicate with each other through text or email as opposed to having a conversation over the phone. While text and email can be more efficient for some types of communication, certain nuances are lost without having a verbal conversation, says marketing strategist and customer service expert Marc Gordon. 

"The fact is that the telephone allows us, as a species, to communicate in our most natural form," he says.

Gordon offers five reasons why sales professionals shouldn't give up on voice calls as a tool for communicating to clients and prospects: See the reasons and explanations when you click here.