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  Short-Term Residential Rentals in Southern Nevada  

Short-Term Residential Rental Units (STR) continue to be an issue that resurfaces, particularly in the City of Las Vegas. Motivated by some opponents, the Las Vegas Planning Commission voted to move forward with a proposal to ban all STRs in the City of Las Vegas. We expect that a proposed ban could be on the Las Vegas City Council agenda in the near future.

Regardless of if a municipality has a comprehensive STR code or an all out ban, the respective municipality will still have to have adequate code enforcement to police bad actors. The bad actors versus adequate code enforcement officers are key to any effective policy. To expand on Clark County Chief of Code Enforcement Jim Andersen's remarks at the Nevada REALTORS® Conference last June, "...even with a strict ban on STRs, the problem of illegal operators and/or those operating out of ignorance continues to exist,"  the more practical path may perhaps lie in a policy that brings would-be responsible STRs in compliance with a comprehensive STR policy. This would empower code enforcement officers to focus resources policing belligerent STRs that are not mindful of their neighbors' property right to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of their property.

In sum, the dualistic goal from a property rights perspective is for policymakers to balance quiet, peaceful enjoyment of an owner's property and simultaneously the right of a property owner to do what they want with their property.



  RSAR Informed Voter Series: Nevada State Ballot Question 3  

In an effort to help RSAR members better prepare for the issues on the 2018 General Election Ballot, RSAR implemented its RSAR Informed Voter Series. On Thursday, October 4, 2018, RSAR hosted the pro and con sides of "The Energy Choice Initiative" statewide ballot Question 3. A condensation of the question reads:

Shall Article 1 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require the Legislature to provide by law for the establishment of an open, competitive retail electric energy market that prohibits the granting of monopolies and exclusive franchises for the generation of electricity?

The question is quite complicated and has engendered strong feelings on both sides. Additionally, advocates, both pro and con, have spent considerable resources to explain the individual sides of the issue.

Moderated by RSAR's Kevin Sigstad with Ryan Cherry and Mike Roberson representing their particular position, the presentation allowed both sides to present their position with the presentation ending in a lively Q & A. The presentation was transmitted as a Facebook Live broadcast. In order to help each REALTOR® make up their own mind on the issue, REALTORS® are encouraged to view the broadcast here.

The next presentation of the Informed Voter Series will feature the "Stop Truckee River Flooding" 2018 November General Election Washoe County Question 1. This presentation will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018. This presentation will also be broadcast on Facebook Live. Access the flyer here.



  IVR/NLTFPD Campaign - Next Phase  

In an effort to educate and protect homeowners, renters, and visitors on fire and life safety tips in all residences, IVR and North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District launched their third phase of the educational campaign. Soon, you will see the messaging reminding everyone to make sure their home is fire safe. Tips can be found on the campaign website,



  TRPA BMP/Parcel Workgroup Update  

With continuous input from the membership and community partners, the site continues to improve. TRPA is considering looking at area wide vs. individual parcel BMP treatments. They are hoping that the real estate community has greater visibility to parcels, permits and BMPs and better tracking of private property BMPs.



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October 12, 2018
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2018 Major Investors
Investment completed as of October 10, 2018. Pledges listed for those who have invested at least $500 as of the above date.

Platinum R ($10,000+)

Jack Woodcock

Golden R ($5,000+)

Nancy Anderson
Sabrina Belleci (pledge)
Vandana Bhalla (pledge)
Chris Bishop (pledge)
Diane Brown
Todd Disbrow
Wendy DiVecchio
Ken Gragson
Azim Jessa
Heidi Kasama
Patty Kelley (pledge)
Joanne Levy
Keith Lynam
Greg Martin
Doug McIntyre
Teresa McKee (pledge)
Bobbi Miracle (pledge)
George Peek
Chris Plastiras
Devin Reiss
Linda Rheinberger
Brandon Roberts (pledge)
Buck Schaeffel
Kevin Sigstad
Andy Stahl (pledge)
Dave J. Tina
Dave R. Tina
Judie Woods

Crystal R ($2,500+)

Jillian Batchelor (pledge)
Thomas Blanchard (pledge)
Robert Hamrick
Rosa Herwick
Soozi Jones-Walker
Charlie Kitchen
Terrence Moore
Bill Process
Pam Reese
Chantel Tilley (pledge)
Melissa Zimbelman (pledge)

Sterling R ($1,000+)

Christina Africk (pledge)
Eliot Alper (pledge)
Mark Ashworth
Forrest Barbee
Scott Beaudry (pledge)
Paul Bell
Wende Bell
Becky Blankenburg
Lori Bottari
Paul Bottari
Denise Bremer
Mary Jo Brummer
Leslie Cain
Janet Carpenter
Sherrie Cartinella
Betty Chan
Teresa Chapman
Michael Clark
Catherine Colvin
Christina Cova-Simmons
Shawn Cunningham (pledge)
Anje deKnijk
Cheryl Delehanty
Stephanie Dibbs (pledge)
Amber Diskin
Barb Egan
Ellen Fahr
Tamara Fegert (pledge)
Deirdre Felgar
Pamela Fernandez
John Fisher
Kristi Fisher
Kellie Flodman (pledge)
Jim Forbus
Bob Fredlund
Ernie Freggiaro
Robert Getto
Jamie Golden
John Graham
Stephanie Grant
Molly Hamrick
Eric Heinen
Cheryl Henning (pledge)
Danielle Hess
Suzett Hill (pledge)
YaYa Jackoby
Lori Jenkins
Ronald Johnson (pledge)
Lyn Karol
Tim Kelly Kiernan
Beth Kitchen
Jeanne Koerner (pledge)
Joan Kuptz
Timothy Kuptz
Erika Lamb
Laura Levine
Stephen Lincoln (pledge)
Robert Little
Deborah Logan (pledge)
Gary MacDonald
Shyla Magee
Karen Marsa
Aldo Martinez
Fred McElroy
Christopher McGarey
James McGuire
Margie McIntyre
Caroline Medina
JC Melvin
Michael Mentaberry
Grant Meyer
Theresa Meyer
Mark Miscevic
Laura Moline
Cassandra Mor
Elie Morris
Matthew Mullin
Carol Murphy
Kendra Murray
Trish Nash (pledge)
Michele Norris
Norma Opatik
Janet Pahl
Merri Perry
Debbie Primack
Pam Ricci
Yared Rivera (pledge)
Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins
Vincent Rossi
Kellie Rubin
Sarah Scattini
Kirby Scofield
Neil Schwartz
Sara Sharkey-Alexander
Krystal Sherry
Dusty Shipp
Mark Sivek
Cheryl Smith
Karen Smith (pledge)
Sandee Smith
Trevor Smith
Lillian Spencer
Brad Spires
Marcella Syme (pledge)
Katherine Tatro
Scott Tieche
Sandra Wakefield
Cherie Williams (pledge)
James Winer
Anita Woodcock-Garritano
Julie Youngblood
Kamyar Zargari

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