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  We're not saying these 11 homes are haunted, but they're certainly creepy  

We'll leave it to ghost hunters to determine whether the homes we're highlighting below are sites with actual paranormal activity, but each place provides a seriously spooky vibe.

From abandoned mansions to formerly grand homes left to the elements, each of these properties gives off the unshakable feeling that their histories-and those of the people who inhabited the places-still have something to say in the present day.

According to Psychology Today, there are a number of factors that go into making a house feel haunted. Haunted houses tend to be old, remote, and deserted. Click here to read about a few properties on the market that check those boxes-and then some.



  Have a haunted house? Don't worry - It'll still sell  

It's a classic start to a horror movie: Excited homebuyers move into their new home, ready to fix up the dilapidated house. It's a big job, but that's how they got such a great deal ... right?

All too quickly the homeowners realize that the shadows and cold spots in the house aren't just the quirks of an old property. They're not alone. There are things residing in the house that didn't leave with the previous owner, and they're not happy that someone new has moved in.

This is quite possibly the worst real estate decision the homebuyers could have ever made. Click here to read more.



  Dead men help no sales  
  People used to die at home all the time. It wasn't until relatively recently that dying in hospitals became the norm, largely because most doctors made house calls up until the 1930s. Modern society has seen a shift away from death in the home toward dying in a professionalized medical environment, a phenomenon known as the "Invisible Death." Consequently, the reality of death has become increasingly taboo-and matters of real estate are no exception.

While a home's history of murder or suicide is not a physical defect posing risk to inhabitants, it may nevertheless give rise to emotional issues when dealing with a property's reputation. Although some would never consider purchasing property where a violent crime occurred, others may not care, or even find it adventuresome. Some infamous crime scenes have even increased property value because of notoriety as a popular tourist attraction, such as Casa Casuarina, the third most photographed home in America (after the White House and Graceland) where serial killer Andrew Cunanan shot and killed Gianni Versace in 1997. Click here to continue reading.

Additionally, view the Legal Minute video from NVR General Counsel Tiffany Banks, addressing stigmatized properties. 


  Ghostly Listings: What it costs to own a famous haunted house  

After purchasing a house, learning that your new home has a grisly past would be a real-life nightmare for most people. For horror movie fans and those interested in the macabre, these homes are sought out for photos and bragging rights that you actually saw the haunted house.

However, despite drawing the public's interest, residences that have inspired Stephen King novels or classic scary movies often sit on the market for a long time and fetch far less than the asking price. Click here and learn a few more examples of iconic haunted houses and what they sold for (if they were sold at all).




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Here is a link to the 2019 Leadership Academy application. Contact leadership liaison Tiffany Banks with any questions.