October 29, 2018
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  Learn about Question 3  

Nevada REALTORS® support candidates who are focused on the issues that matter to us. From promoting growth and stability in the housing market, developing a stronger economy, lessening the regulations on homeowners and the tax burden on Nevada families, and standing for real estate issues, we support the candidates who support us.

Consult our voter guide at nevadarealtorssupport.com.

Nevada REALTORS® has not taken a position on Question 3 but we want to provide you information that we hope helps you decide. The following videos offer three points of view.

1)       A neutral view from Jennifer Taylor, who sat on the Governor's Committee for Energy Choice. Taylor adds additional information in response to both sides of the argument. See Video.

2)       A Yes of Question 3 view from Jon Wellinghoff*, former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. See Video.


3)       A No on Question 3 view from Nevada Assemblyman Chris Brooks. See Video.

Educate yourself on the ballot questions and become an informed voter. There are many resources out there.  As part of its Informed Voter Series, the Reno Sparks Association of Realtors hosted a moderated discussion on Question 3 that can be found here.

Additionally, here are four links to further resources that can provide you with more information on this complex issue.

Please vote and encourage your family friends and co-workers to vote.

--2018 Nevada REALTORS® President, Heidi Kasama

*Jon Wellinghoff's company, Policy DER Inc., has been paid more than $125,000 since July of 2018 to consult for the 'Yes on 3' campaign.