Short-Term Residential Rentals (STRs) in Southern Nevada  

The Las Vegas City Council voted 4-3 to yet again tighten its STR code to owner-occupied, three-bedrooms or less STR units. What does this mean for clients who are looking for an investment property in the City of Las Vegas? It means that non-owner occupied STRs are no longer permitted, but existing permitted ones will be grandfathered in. Thus, the option for prospective real estate investors has decreased. As many recall, just a decade ago, the Las Vegas valley was ground zero for the foreclosure crisis, and municipalities were in desperate need of property buyers, so as to collect on property taxes to help fund essential government services. Now the City is grappling how to balance the concerns of some constituents who yearn for the traditional neighborhood of yesteryear while trying to adapt to the latest trend for those who need or want to rent a room on a short-term basis (31 calendar days or less) as well as other constituents and outside investors who see an opportunity to earn extra money.

Converse to the City of Las Vegas, the City of Henderson is taking a pro-active rather than reactive approach to STRs. The City of Henderson has recently reached out to the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) regarding a potential citywide STR code. The City's effort to bring stakeholders together and allowing adequate time to review a rough draft of a proposed policy is a good start for all groups. Albeit challenging, the goal for STRs in the City of Henderson looks to be focused on striving for the most comprehensive and optimal policy for all groups involved.



  RSAR - What's in store for 2019  
  • With the 2018 General Election in the history books, RSAR is ready to move to next year. As a result of the election, RSAR will developing relationships with the newly elected Reno City Council member Bonnie Weber. Council member Weber was previously a Washoe County Commissioner at which time the REALTORS® worked with her on several projects. RSAR looks to continue that rapport as Council member Weber represents Reno Ward 4.

RSAR supported two Washoe County School District Trustee races and remained uncommitted in a third. As all REALTORS® are aware, schools are an integral piece of the sense of community and homebuyers (REALTOR® clients) are very interested in the state of education within the community. RSAR have already reached out to the new District Trustees.

And finally, as elections go, Sparks City Council member Ron Smith was elected as Mayor. With that election Council member Smith's Ward 3 was vacated. The Sparks City Council, on December 10, 2018, appointed Paul Anderson, a Sparks business executive, to fill that Ward 3 seat. RSAR looks forward to developing a relationship with the new City Council member.

  • RSAR has been watching the Reno's proposed city code changes in the area of accessory dwelling units. After many months of attempting find suitable language, the City Council voted to not make any changes to the current city code.
  • RSAR anticipates considerable work in 2019 as local governments attempt to address affordable housing issues, transient lodging regulation, homelessness, and many more.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.



  2018 International Fire Code Amendments  

The 2018 International Fire Code Amendments are circulating their way to each jurisdiction for adoption.

The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District (NLTFPD) brought the amendments to the NLTFPD Board in October, the item was tabled for further discussion. We spent some time afterwards with NLTFPD staff addressing our concerns and understanding the proposed changes. At the November NLTFPD Board meeting, the District passed the 2018 International Fire Code, Wildland Urban Interface and Northern Nevada Fire Code Amendment Matrix. For new building requirements and changes, please stop by the NLTFPD office and they will have a full copy there.

These code updates work to protect firemen as well as keep our communities safe. The Government Affairs Committee has been engaged with Carson City Board of Supervisors and the Carson City Fire Department to address concerns regarding defensible space. With much discussion over the past months, the language now reads a little clearer and will likely be adopted this month with an effective date of January 2019.

The Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District and Douglas County Commission are likely to take up the same amendments in early 2019 for adoption.  



  Open House Signage  

Regardless of the time of year, please be mindful of the local municipal sign code in which you are posting open house signs. For example, if you as a REALTOR® have open house signs in the City of Henderson or plan on doing an open house in that City, the City of Henderson's Code Enforcement has been ramping up enforcement and punishing violators in accordance with their open house sign municipal code. Recently, Henderson Code Enforcement has picked-up/removed signs and fined those in violation. For more details on the City of Henderson open house sign code, please visit their website

Remember, regardless of the municipality a REALTOR® is conducting business in, it is the REALTOR®'s responsibility to know and abide by municipal codes, whether it be sign codes or short-term rentals. Adhering to codes is in everyone's best interest for a productive new year.



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December 17, 2018
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2018 Major Investors
Investment completed as of December 12, 2018. Pledges listed for those who have invested at least $500 as of the above date.

Platinum R ($10,000+)

Jack Woodcock

Golden R ($5,000+)

Nancy Anderson
Sabrina Belleci
Vandana Bhalla
Chris Bishop
Diane Brown
Todd Disbrow
Wendy DiVecchio
Ken Gragson
Azim Jessa
Heidi Kasama
Patty Kelley
Joanne Levy
Keith Lynam
Greg Martin
Doug McIntyre
Teresa McKee
Bobbi Miracle
George Peek
Chris Plastiras
Devin Reiss
Linda Rheinberger
Brandon Roberts
Buck Schaeffel
Kevin Sigstad
Dave J. Tina
Dave R. Tina
Judie Woods

Crystal R ($2,500+)

Jillian Batchelor
Thomas Blanchard
Robert Hamrick
Rosa Herwick
Soozi Jones-Walker
Charlie Kitchen
Terrence Moore
Bill Process
Pam Reese
Andy Stahl
Chantel Tilley
Melissa Zimbelman

Sterling R ($1,000+)

Christina Africk
Eliot Alper
Mark Ashworth
Forrest Barbee
Scott Beaudry
Paul Bell
Wende Bell
Becky Blankenburg
Steven Bohler
Lori Bottari
Paul Bottari
Denise Bremer
Mary Jo Brummer
Leslie Cain
Janet Carpenter
Sherrie Cartinella
Betty Chan
Teresa Chapman
Michael Clark
Catherine Colvin
Christina Cova-Simmons
Shawn Cunningham (pledge)
Anje deKnijk
Cheryl Delehanty
Stephanie Dibbs
Amber Diskin
Bill Driscoll
Barb Egan
Ellen Fahr
Tamara Fegert (pledge)
Deirdre Felgar
Pamela Fernandez
Margaret Finel
John Fisher
Kristi Fisher
Kellie Flodman (pledge)
Jim Forbus
Bob Fredlund
Ernie Freggiaro
Robert Getto
Jamie Golden
John Graham
Stephanie Grant
Molly Hamrick
Eric Heinen
Cheryl Henning
Danielle Hess
Suzett Hill
YaYa Jackoby
Lori Jenkins
Ronald Johnson
Lyn Karol
Keith Kelley
Tim Kelly Kiernan
Beth Kitchen
Jeanne Koerner
Joan Kuptz
Timothy Kuptz
April La Brie
Erika Lamb
Laura Levine
Stephen Lincoln
Robert Little
Deborah Logan
Marissa Lostra
Gary MacDonald
Shyla Magee
Karen Marsa
Aldo Martinez
Dennis McDuffee
Fred McElroy
Christopher McGarey
James McGuire
Margie McIntyre
Caroline Medina
JC Melvin
Michael Mentaberry
Grant Meyer
Theresa Meyer
Mark Miscevic
Laura Moline
Cassandra Mor
David Morris
Elie Morris
Matthew Mullin
Carol Murphy
Kendra Murray
Trish Nash
Michele Norris
Norma Opatik
Janet Pahl
Merri Perry
Debbie Primack
Dale Puhl
Pam Ricci
Yared Rivera
Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins
Vincent Rossi
Kellie Rubin
Marvin Rubin
Sarah Scattini
Neil Schwartz
Kirby Scofield
Sara Sharkey-Alexander
Krystal Sherry
Dusty Shipp
Mark Sivek
Cheryl Smith
Karen Smith (pledge)
Sandee Smith
Scott Smith
Trevor Smith
Lillian Spencer
Brad Spires
Marcella Syme
Katherine Tatro
Scott Tieche
Sandra Wakefield
Lisa Waldeck
Cherie Williams
James Winer
Anita Woodcock-Garritano
Julie Youngblood
Kamyar Zargari

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