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  Marcella Syme to serve as Leadership Academy Dean  
  The Nevada REALTORS® annual Leadership Academy is gearing up for another year of programming. Its first of four sessions is set for Jan. 22-24 in Scottsdale, Ariz. The 2019 program will be led by Dean Marcella Syme, an Elko-based REALTOR®. Syme, a 2012 graduate of the program, has been a Leadership Academy Trustee the past two years. Sixteen REALTORS® from across the Silver State are scheduled to participate in the 2019 program.

"I'm really looking forward to another fun year," Syme said. "I'm excited to do my part to ensure this new class enjoys a powerful journey. This is a special program and I hope to promote an atmosphere that gives this new class an amazing experience like so many before it have had."

Las Vegas REALTORS® Stephanie Dibbs and Tom Blanchard (2017 graduates) will serve as Trustees for the 2019 program. That duo, along with Henderson REALTOR® Tim Kuptz, the current Past Dean (2015 graduate), will help Syme lead the Academy's four sessions. Syme is looking forward to another outstanding experience for class members in 2019.

"Our trustees can foster a supportive and engaged group. Hopefully, what follows is a fun environment that brings some personal growth," Syme said. "Leadership is about giving back. By the end of the upcoming year, I have no doubt this new class will understand they all have the ability to give."

The incoming class will be the 20th to participate in the Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy, which began in 2000. More than 200 REALTOR® graduates of the program are now better serving clients and volunteering in leadership positions across Nevada since the program's inception.   


  NVR's Tiffany Banks joins ACC Nevada board  

Tiffany Banks, general counsel of the statewide Nevada REALTORS®, has been appointed to the board of directors for the Nevada chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. Banks will serve as a director at large for ACC Nevada. Her responsibilities and goals include promoting the organization and helping to develop quality programs for chapter members in Northern Nevada.

ACC Nevada has more than 150 local members who work in more than 70 corporations throughout the state. It provides informative educational events to its members on a monthly basis, addressing topics facing in-house attorneys such as ethical pitfalls, intellectual property, international law, gaming, and attorney-client relationships. Click here to read more.



  Active buyers spend significant time looking for right home  
  In the third quarter of 2018, 13% of adults in NAHB's Housing Trends Report* poll report planning to purchase a home in the next 12 months.  Of that group, 46 percent are not merely planning it, they are already actively engaged in the search for the right home to buy.  And they are spending significant amounts of time looking.  In fact, 54% of those actively engaged in the process have been trying to find the right home for three months or longer.

Why is it taking this long? The number one reason active home buyers gave in the third quarter of 2018 is they can't find a home at a price they can afford (49%), followed by not being able to find a home with the desired set of features (40%). Not far behind, 38% can't find a home in the right neighborhood. Click here to read more. 


  Report: REALTORS more likely to donate than most Americans  

Eighty-two percent of REALTORS® donate money to charitable causes every year, compared to the national average of 56.6 percent of Americans who do so, according to a new report from the National Association of REALTORS®.

The Community Aid and Real Estate Report, known as the CARE Report, provides insight on the monetary and volunteer contributions that general members at-large, broker-owners and Association Executives of Multiple Listing Services give to society. The report found that all three of these groups donate money and volunteer significant amounts of time in their communities while supporting their local REALTOR® Associations.

Compared to the general members at-large, 81 percent of broker-owners donate money on an annual basis, while 90 percent of AEs or MLS staff donate each year. See the full report by clicking here.