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  GLVAR President-Elect will volunteer in leadership program  
Tom Blanchard to serve as NVR Leadership Academy trustee
Another standout year of programming is set for the Nevada REALTORS® annual Leadership Academy. While the 2019 program will be led by Dean Marcella Syme, an Elko-based REALTOR®, the newest addition to the Academy's Trustee team is Tom Blanchard. The Las Vegas REALTOR® will begin his four-year commitment as a Trustee at the Academy's first of four 2019 sessions, set for this week in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Blanchard is a 2017 graduate of Leadership Academy. He is currently the GLVAR President-Elect. Blanchard will help support the 16 REALTORS® from across the Silver State who are scheduled to participate in the 2019 program.

"I didn't really have to be pushed to apply for the leadership trustee position," Blanchard said. "I got so much from going through the program; I felt the need to give back. There is nothing more fulfilling as a leader than helping someone replace you after you're done serving."

Las Vegas REALTORS® Stephanie Dibbs (2017 graduate) and Tim Kuptz (2015 graduate) will join Syme and Blanchard on the Trustee team, serving as second-year Trustee and Past Dean respectively. Blanchard is excited to serve the program and its participants, hoping to bring a fresh view on leadership.

"I owe so much to my experience," he said. "I honestly don't think I'd be here preparing to serve as GLVAR President-Elect without the Leadership Academy ... I think I can bring a unique and open style of telling a story or conveying an idea. I have an ability to look at situations from different perspectives and that usually brings a unique response."

Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy has graduated more than 200 class members who are now busy better serving clients and volunteering in leadership positions across Nevada since the program's inception. As first-year Trustee, Blanchard will be welcoming the 20th class to participate in Leadership Academy, which hosted its inaugural program in 2000.


  Women, millennials, Hispanics will shape housing's future  

The future of real estate will be significantly influenced by women, millennials and Hispanics, according to®'s analysis of first names on 2018 home sales deeds.

Single women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the housing market, according to the data. Although older Baby Boomer and Silent Generation women are leading the charge, the increase in deeds with female names is particularly visible when comparing genders within the millennial generation. Looking solely at names with a peak year between 1981 and 1997, millennial female names are outpacing millennial male names, with home sales with female names beating male name home sales by 1.5 percent (6.9 percent versus 4.4 percent on average year-over-year, respectively). Seven of the top 10 fastest growing buyer names are predominately millennial female names, and all of them peak in the 1980s and 1990s. Click here to read more.



  Housingwire: American homeownership tenure is climbing  

Americans are remaining in their homes longer than ever before, consequently tightening the lid on housing supply. First American data indicates that homeownership tenure has risen 10% just from 2017 and has significantly climbed since the market crashed in 2008.

"Tenure jumped to seven years during the aftermath of the crash between 2008 and 2016, and the most recent data from December 2018 shows that the median length of time someone lives in their home has increased 10% compared with a year ago." First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said. 

But why are more and more homeowners deciding to stay put? Click here for the answer to that question and more.




  Save money, sign up for Nevada REALTORS health care plan  
Good News for All Nevada REALTORS Members
We're excited to announce that Hometown Health and Nevada REALTORS® have joined together to offer the Nevada REALTORS® Health Plan exclusively for Nevada REALTORS® members!
 Enrollment is underway for February 1st effective dates!   
March 1 and April 1 effective dates are also available.
Exciting Benefits of Enrolling in a NVR Plan
  • Members can save up to 26% on premiums by switching to the Nevada REALTORS® Health Plan from the individual market 
  • Plans are guaranteed issue
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • ACA compliant - meets minimum essential coverage guidelines
  • Plans provide access to Renown Health providers
  • Available statewide (with the exception of Clark County*)
Informational sessions will be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following dates: Jan. 22, Jan. 24. The Open House-style meetings will be held at the Nevada REALTORS® office in Reno, located at 760 Margrave Drive.
Visit the website for more details
Contact Hometown Health or your health insurance broker 
for more information!
Hometown Health Telephone:
Toll Free 800-336-0123
*If you live in Clark County, please visit
to learn more about the GLVAR health plan.