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  Leadership Academy tips off 2019 programming  
New class concludes Program 1, gears up for year-long journey

The Nevada REALTORS® Leadership Academy Class of 2019 tipped off its 12-month journey with its initial program (of four planned during the year), Jan. 22-24 in Scottsdale, AZ. The Marriott in Old Town Scottsdale proved to be the home away from home for three days for the new 16-member class. Class activities were focused on promoting leadership and growth.

Sandra Avila, Darryl Braswell, Rebecca Bray, Darcy Dauderis, Thomas Diasparra, Stephanie Grant, Allison Jung, Sherrie Killion-Kuzmanovic, Brad Lewis, David Lostra, Claudia Saavedra, Sarah Scattini, Amy Smith, Trevor Smith, Andy Stahl and Shane Thompson make up the state association's latest leadership group, which is comprised of some of the state's best and brightest real estate minds, hailing from Elko to Incline Village and Reno to Las Vegas.
Click here to read more about the new class and it's start to Leadership Academy 2019. 


  NAR welcomes effort to reopen government; Urges long-term agreement  

National Association of REALTORS® Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Shannon McGahn said a deal reached between President Donald Trump and congressional leaders to reopen the federal government for 21 days while they negotiate a long-term funding agreement is a welcomed development.

"Although the direct impact on real estate markets has so far been limited, the broader economic impacts of the shutdown, if it persists, will be very damaging to real estate transactions of all kinds," said McGahn.

NAR research has found that about 11 percent of its members have had transactions delayed as a result of the shutdown, now in its fifth week, and another 11 percent said their customers are opting out until the uncertainty clears. Click here to read the full story.



  Nevada REALTORS, sign up for health care plan  
Good News for All Nevada REALTORS Members
We're excited to announce that Hometown Health and Nevada REALTORS® have joined together to offer the Nevada REALTORS® Health Plan exclusively for Nevada REALTORS® members!
Enrollment is underway for March 1 and April 1 effective dates.
Exciting Benefits of Enrolling in a NVR Plan
  • Members can save up to 26% on premiums by switching to the Nevada REALTORS® Health Plan from the individual market 
  • Plans are guaranteed issue
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • ACA compliant - meets minimum essential coverage guidelines
  • Plans provide access to Renown Health providers
  • Available statewide (with the exception of Clark County*)
Visit the website for more details
Contact Hometown Health or your health insurance broker 
for more information!
Hometown Health Telephone:
Toll Free 800-336-0123
*If you live in Clark County, please visit
to learn more about the GLVAR health plan.


  Lending Tree: Cities where homeowners stay the longest  

Las Vegas shows up last among 50 cities listed

A lack of supply has been a persistent buyers' challenge in the housing market since the financial crisis. There are not enough houses on the market, which has contributed to significant price surges in many cities.

The inventory shortage is often attributed to a lack of sufficient new construction, as many home builders left the industry after the crisis, and increasingly expensive labor and materials have reduced the margins on lower-priced homes. There is also a decreased supply of existing homes available for sale, which accounts for a much larger share of the total housing market than new construction. Many current homeowners are reluctant to move, as risk aversion set in after the crisis. Click here to read the full article.