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  Top cyber security threats to RE companies  
  Gone are the days when hackers would only target retailers. These days, the bad guys an target businesses in any industry, especially those that aren't quite up on cyber security. 

The real estate industry is one such group, and according to a recent survey, about half of businesses in the real estate industry are not prepared to handle a cyberattack. Federal law requires some industries, like hospitals and banks, to have some type of security in place for things like that, but the real estate industry is quite vulnerable. Click here to read more on some of the threats you should look out for if you're in the real estate industry.


  NAR Video: The biggest risks you face in business  
  This FBI statistic is staggering: There's been an 1,100 percent increase in real estate wire fraud scam victims. Click here to watch this NAR video to learn more about how to combat that and other major risks to your business.

The video features NAR General Counsel Katie Johnson as she discusses the "Hot Topics in Risk Management." 


  REALTOR Magazine: What you need to know about 'Social Selling'  

How to fuse the sales funnel with your social media strategies

Using social media to promote specific branding and listings isn't anything new. The term social selling, however, is a relatively fresh concept-this is when salespeople leverage online platforms to interact directly with prospective clients and share thoughtful content, all meant to drive sales.

But how is this any different from social media marketing? Most agents have some kind of online marketing campaign already in place, but now it's time to implement your social selling skills for higher sales earnings and stronger client connections. Click here to continue reading the REALTORĀ® Magazine article. 



  Homeowners are thinking twice about remodeling  

CNBC: Rising interest rates, slower
equity gain, fewer home sales all key factors

After several years of booming business, home remodeling growth is expected to shrink this year. Demand is slowing because home values aren't gaining as much, mortgage interest rates are rising and fewer homes are selling. Both buying and selling are top drivers of home renovations.

New owners spend about 30 percent more on fixing up their new purchases than longtime residents. That's just part of why growth in home renovations is expected to fall to the lowest level in three years, according to a new report from HJCH. Continue reading by clicking here.