Real Estate Licensing  

Introduced by Senator Mo Denis at NVR's request, SB230 contains several elements that the NVR Legislative Committee felt needed to be addressed in the real estate licensing statute. First, it would address the nickname issue by capturing the nickname on the license application and issuing a real estate license that includes that nickname. It would also require that advertisements include the license number.

In addition, it would allow brokers to keep their agents' licenses in a secure manner and to make them available for inspection by the public or the Division upon request (instead of requiring that they be prominently display the licenses as is currently required).

Section 5 of the bill would require that the Real Estate Commission adopt regulations that authorize a person who is 70 years or older and has been licensed for 30 years or more to apply to the Division for an exemption from any requirement to complete continuing education other than the subject matter set in regulation.

Finally, this measure would allow the Commission to require a licensee to complete the post-licensing education before that licensee can write a contract.

The bill has been referred to Senate Commerce and Labor. No hearing has been scheduled yet.



  Agents Responsible to Notify Buyers of Property Tax Due  

SB199 was introduced by Senator Melanie Scheible in response to a constituent's request. It would require the county treasurer or assessor to forgive a person of all interest and penalty for failure to pay property taxes on time if:

  • The tax was assessed on a property purchased within 30 days before the tax becomes due;
  • The person declares under penalty of perjury that he/she did not receive the notice described below; and,
  • The person has not been relieved of the penalty and interest under this section in the last 3 years.
The measure would require real estate licensees who represent a buyer to provide a written notice, no later than by the close of escrow, of the amount of any property tax that must be paid by the buyer. The penalties involved if a licensee does not provide proper written notice would include disciplinary action by the Real Estate Commission and liability in a civil action to the purchaser for the penalties and interests.

If the buyer is not represented by a real estate licensee, the responsibility to provide said notice would fall on the title or escrow agents and include similar disciplinary action and liability in a civil action.

NVR has been working with the bill sponsor, who is very responsive to our concerns.

The measure has been referred to Senate Commerce and Labor. No hearing has been scheduled.



  Authorizes Cities to Create a District for a Fire Department  

Brought forward by the City of Reno, AB4 would allow cities to create a fire district and levy a tax for the support of the district. Current law allows counties to create a fire district, and the City is looking to gain similar powers.

The bill was heard on February 19 in Assembly Government Affairs. NVR testified in opposition alongside several entities to express concerns over this measure.



  2019 Session by the Numbers  

The 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 4, 2019. February 22 is day 19 of the 120-day session.

# of BDRs 1,078
# of Senate Bills 244
# of Assembly Bills 234
Bills Tracked by NVR 40
3/18 Bill introductions by legislators
3/25 Bill introductions by committees
4/12 First House committee passage
4/23 First House passage
5/1 Economic Forum
5/17 Second House committee passage
5/24 Second House passage
6/3 Sine Die


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