CALL TO ACTION! Oppose Onerous Changes to Summary Evictions  

SB151 was introduced on February 12, and it contains several provisions of concern for landlords and property managers. NVR is opposed to SB151.

SB151 would:

  • Increase the pay or quit timeline from 5 full days to 10 judicial days;
  • Increase the period of time in which the constable has to remove a tenant in default of rent from within 24 hours of the court order to no earlier than 48 hours;
  • Increase the amount of time a person has after receiving a written notice to surrender when the person holds over and continues possession of real property or a mobile home that has been sold or foreclosed upon from 3 days to 30 days; and,
  • Change the method of service of the notices to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure or the Justice Court Rules of Civil procedure, as applicable.

Now is the time to let your voice be heard! Take a few moments to send your thoughts about these proposed changes to the Legislature. You can do so easily online at, select bill SB151.

We also encourage you to share this information with your clients using the image in this article. The link to the website is:



  Legislative Leaders Meet With Senator Goicoechea To Discuss Water Issues  

NVR Legislative Chairman Kevin Sigstad, NVR Vice President Brad Spires and NVR CEO Teresa McKee met with Senator Pete Goicoechea to discuss the impact of water rights and private property rights in Nevada. Senator Goicoechea provided both leaders with an excellent primer on the state of water rights in Nevada, and the three discussed the various bills in the Legislature impacting water rights in the state. "We're here to protect the rights of property owners, and Senator Goicoechea helped us understand the delicate balance that is occurring in Carson City over the various interests at play. We appreciated that the Senator took time out of his very busy schedule to meet with us and discuss this critical issue facing the 2019 Legislature," stated Chairman Sigstad.



  Senate Majority Leader Atkinson Resigned  

On Tuesday, former Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson resigned his position after pleading guilty to federal charges of misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds for personal use. The new Majority Leader is Senator Nicole Cannizzaro; she is the first female Senate Majority Leader in the state's history. Senator Julia Ratti is the new Assistant Senate Majority Leader.

You can read the full story from The Nevada Independent here.



  Nevada Assembly Republicans Present Top 5 Priorities  

Late last week, the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus presented their top five priorities:

  • Government efficiency and accountability (26 bills)
  • Economic prosperity (15 bills)
  • Educational opportunity and workforce development (20 bills)
  • Mental and public health (19 bills)
  • Public safety (34 bills)

Read more on the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus website.



  Towing of Motor Vehicles in Residential Complexes  

In the 2017 Legislative Session, legislators passed SB320 to address the problem that occurred when vehicles were towed from a residential complex with no notice or opportunity to cure the violation. SB320 (2017) established a requirement of a 48-hour notice before a vehicle could be towed, unless the vehicle is blocking a fire hydrant, fire lane or parking space designated for handicap, or if it posed a threat to the health, safety or welfare of the residents.

When the law came into effect, we began to see some unintended consequences, with some people parking in a residential complex where they were not authorized, and the property owners had to give them a 48-hour notice before being able to tow the vehicle away. However, those people just moved their car to a different parking spot the next day, which meant that the property owner had to once again give them a 48-hour notice, perpetuating the problem without the ability for the owner to tow the vehicle off their property.

In order to resolve this loophole, Senator Mo Denis introduced SB212 this session. SB212 would provide that a vehicle may be towed immediately:

  • if it is a vehicle which received a notice previously for the same or a similar reason in the same residential complex; or,
  • if the vehicle received a notice three or more times during the last 6 months within the same residential complex for any reason, regardless of whether the vehicle was subsequently towed.

The measure would also add to the definition of threat to the health, safety or welfare to include if the vehicle is parked in a space that is clearly marked for a specific resident or the use of a specific unit in the residential complex.

The bill was heard in Senate Growth and Infrastructure on March 5 and received no opposition.



  2019 Session by the Numbers  

The 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 4, 2019. March 8 is day 33 of the 120-day session.

# of BDRs 1,247
# of Senate Bills 266
# of Assembly Bills 251
Bills Tracked by NVR 47
3/18 Bill introductions by legislators
3/25 Bill introductions by committees
4/12 First House committee passage
4/23 First House passage
5/1 Economic Forum
5/17 Second House committee passage
5/24 Second House passage
6/3 Sine Die


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