Egregious Changes to Landlord/Tenant Law  

We discussed SB256 in last week's Advocate, and how it would make several changes to landlord/tenant law that are of concern for property managers and homeowners.

The bill was heard in Senate Commerce and Labor on March 22, and significant opposition was presented to the committee. NVR President Keith Lynam and Legislative Chair Kevin Sigstad testified in opposition on behalf of NVR and identified specific sections that are problematic for the real estate industry.

We strongly encourage you to continue to express your opposition to SB256; you can do so easily online by visiting and selecting SB256.



  Changes to Summary Eviction Process  

The work session for SB151 was on March 22. It passed out of Senate Judiciary on a party line vote with an amendment. The amendment would:

  • Make changes to time frames in eviction notices (7 judicial days), removals after eviction (24 hours for constable to serve and 24-36 hour for tenant to be removed after service), and the service of notices (professional service of pre-existing process).
  • Clarify that low-income housing projects would be exempt from summary eviction and define low-income housing.
  • Clarify that when a property is transferred or sold as a residential sale, the new owner has the rights, obligations and liabilities of the previous owner under the lease agreement, and similarly, the tenant continues to have the rights, obligations and liabilities unless there is an agreement between the new owner and the tenant to modify or terminate an existing lease. It would also require the transfer of the tenant's deposit to the new owner and require the new owner to provide a notice to the tenant of the new owner's contact information.
  • Allow the service of the notice by the agent of an attorney if an attorney has been retained by the owner to prosecute an eviction action.
  • Exclude commercial real estate from the provisions of this bill.

The measure now goes to the full Senate for second reading and then a vote.



  Reception with Legislators  

On March 20, the NVR Board of Directors met in Carson City. The meeting was followed by a reception with legislators and PSF major investors at The Union. The reception was well attended and members were able to discuss important real estate matters with Assembly and Senate legislators.

Shown in picture: GLVAR President Janet Carpenter, NVR President Keith Lynam, NVR President-Elect Chris Bishop, GLVAR President-Elect Tom Blanchard, Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, NVR Treasurer Doug McIntyre, NVR Vice President Brad Spires.



  HOA Resale Package  

During the Interim, NVR worked with representatives from the HOA management industry to come to an agreement on some changes regarding the resale package. Introduced by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, AB335 would:

  • Allow a CIC to charge a reasonable fee for opening or closing any file for each unit based on the actual cost the association incurs, and the RE Commission would adopt regulations to set the maximum amount of that fee, not to exceed $350.
  • Clarify that the CIC has 10 calendar days to provide the resale package.
  • Authorize the Commission to set a maximum amount a CIC may charge to prepare the certificate, not to exceed $185 unless the owner/authorized agent requests that it be prepared sooner than 3 business days after the date of the request.
  • Change current law to ensure the resale package remains effective for 90 calendar days.
  • Increase the maximum amount a CIC can charge for a demand letter to $165 (from $150 currently).
The bill has been referred to Assembly Government Affairs. It has not been scheduled for a hearing yet.


  2019 Session by the Numbers  

The 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 4, 2019. March 22 is day 47 of the 120-day session.

# of BDRs 1,253
# of Senate Bills 440
# of Assembly Bills 426
Bills Tracked by NVR 60
3/18 Bill introductions by legislators
3/25 Bill introductions by committees
4/12 First House committee passage
4/23 First House passage
5/1 Economic Forum
5/17 Second House committee passage
5/24 Second House passage
6/3 Sine Die


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March 22, 2019
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