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  REALTOR® professionalism bill still working its way through Legislature  

Nevada REALTORS® were in the spotlight Monday afternoon in Carson City. That's because SB 230 was on the agenda during an Assembly Committee hearing on Commerce and Labor. SB230, sponsored by Senator  Mo Denis, himself a Las Vegas REALTOR®, already passed through the Nevada Senate by a unanimous vote and now must work its way through the Assembly.

Nevada REALTORS® Past President Kevin Sigstad (2015), the association's current legislative chair, and NVR General Counsel Tiffany Banks joined Denis in answering the questions of committee members. The bill would make changes to real estate licensing to improve professionalism in the industry. Among the changes is a requirement for more rigorous education standards, hiking the number of pre-licensing hours to obtain a Nevada real estate license from 90 to 120. The bill must pass out of committee by May 17 to advance for a vote on the full Assembly floor.



  REALTOR® Magazine: Strong Culture Helps Build Thriving Brands  

Tips from REALTOR® Broker Summit to guide brokers in establishing a consistent company environment across multiple offices.

Broker-owners don't have a product to sell; they have a brand. That means culture is the foundation of the job, according to broker and real estate trainer Rebecca Thomson, principal of the Thomson Real Estate Group in Chicago. Unfortunately, many leaders of real estate companies don't spend enough time fine-tuning their brand's philosophy, which is why she offered culture-building tips during her presentation at the 2019 REALTOR® Broker Summit. "Culture is the glue that keeps your company together," says Thomson.

If you're unsure of the current state of your company's culture, start by asking agents. Select a few new agents and a few veterans to find out what attracted them or what keeps them at your brokerage. Ask what they think is working well and what needs improvement. Use that feedback as a starting point for writing or updating your value statements. Thomson recommends three to five value statements that go beyond just a single word. Click here to keep reading.


  Did You know? Homes with close proximity to charging stations list higher  

A new analysis by®, the Home of Home Search℠, released last week found that home prices in the nation's top 20 neighborhoods that are most accommodating to electric vehicles are listed 1.5 times higher than their surrounding metro area on average, and 2.6 times higher than the rest of the country. Nine of the top 20 ZIP codes are in California. 

In honor of Earth Day, used data from OpenChargeMap to track 19,743 charging stations mapped across 6,980 ZIP codes, and then analyzed the housing markets of the top 20 areas with the most electric vehicle charging stations. According to the analysis, the combined median listing price for the top 20 ZIP codes is $782,000, 1.5 times higher than their surrounding metro area on average, and 2.6 times higher than the rest of the country. To continue reading the story, click here.



  Make Alexa your ally: 6 ways brokerages can use voice tech  
  Is your brokerage leveraging a digital voice? Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, and other voice assistants are fostering new ways to use voice control and search in real estate.

Smart speakers have the potential to enter several realms of real estate, from lead generation and training to even agent safety, says Doug Devitre, a sales trainer and author of Screen to Screen Selling (McGraw-Hill Education, 2015). By 2023, 8 billion digital voice assistants are expected to be in use among the public worldwide, according to Juniper Research. A great "voice app" race may be upon brokerages that want to add their voice to these smart speakers, and Devitre is on a mission to help brokerages make it happen. He's leading the "Alexa Skill Building Summit" on May 13 in Washington, D.C., to bring together brokerages, REALTOR® associations, and real estate agents to address the possibilities in creating Alexa skills-even for the novice. Click here to read more.

Editor's Note -- NVR will launch its Nevada REALTORS® program or 'skill' on both Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices in May. Stay on the lookout for launch news in the coming weeks.